Stranded on an Island

When I was young the show Gilligan's Island was a favorite, and we probably didn't miss an episode. Over the years there have been plenty of other stories featuring cast-aways and people stranded on deserted islands, and it's certainly a popular fantasy among many I'm sure.

Now if one were to fantasize about being stranded on an island, nine out of ten times I'm sure the stranded on an island fantasy is focused on tropical islands. After all, if you were to be stranded on an island you certainly wouldn't want it to be somewhere cold! That is, unless your weird or something, right? No doubt, it would have to be a tropical island!

What if you were stranded on a tropical island, and had little provisions to work with? Suddenly the fun and adventure you may have fantasized about represents a ton of work! That's probably not what your fantasy envisioned you would be doing! You would be faced with constructing a hut, and then be at risk of losing it all to a hurricane or tropical storm, and reconstructing the hut all over again!

If you feel you may need to prepare to be stranded on a tropical island, you would need to at least learn some tips with what to do. Being trapped on an island may sound fun at first, and although the coconut diet would be very healthy that too would quickly become boring!

I think the best way one could prepare themselves for being stranded on a tropical island would be to realize that once you're there your new fantasy would be all about NOT being stranded on a tropical island, and instead it would be about staying in a place such as a luxury hotel on an island!

That would of course require accessing something such as Asia hotel news, but then again that would only be a fantasy if you were stranded on a tropical island! Suddenly being stranded on a tropical island doesn't sound like such a good fantasy after all!


Bahamut said...

Not at all. I, for one, would give anything to be stranded on a desert, tropical island. And I don't want it to be easy. The harder the better. I want to search for food; not stay in a hotel; build, and if need be rebuild, a hut/shelter; explore my surroundings; and be totally alone. As long as the Island can provide the things I need to survive, then I will do it. And the harder the better. I want to struggle at it and succeed. What an adventure! Who wants to laze on a nice beach, staying at a hotel and sipping cocktails next to a pool? Why have a pool on an island surrounded by the ocean? How sad! If I knew how to get myself stranded onto a deserted tropical island that had the provisions to survive (no matter how basic), I would drop everything I go right now. Give me the "Lost" scenario. I want it. And no I aint no deluded person thinking that I'm gonna have a "Lost" adventure with action, adventure, and a bunch of black smoke. I just want that self-sufficient, back to basics experience. Of course I'd like to come home after a couple of months or so. But whilst I'm there, give me all you got!

Tammara Nelson said...

Hi bahamut,

Great comment! I don't think anyone could complain about getting stranded on a tropical island as long as they knew how to survive. But, it would be no fun to be there alone! Thank you for commenting!