Funny Pirate Attire Humor

Pirate attire can be fun to wear to pirate themed parties, or to maritime festivals. Along with the fun of dressing up, comes humor from comments. Here's a funny comment from a fellow dressed up in a pirate costume, which I thought you would find humorous...

"I tried to make my costume really authentic by hacking off my right leg. But... couldn't find a really good looking peg. Should have thought of that first."

LOL - Hope he's not referring to his leg, rather than his pant leg! Argh! Perhaps I should add a peg leg to my pirate attire costume list?

Clipper Ship Mary Rose Sunken Treasure

Clipper ships represent design and craftsmanship respected by all. Adding to the respect for their craftsmanship, comes fascination over the rebirth of a clipper ship when it's recovered from the depths of the sea. Suddenly, a clipper ship then becomes known as 'sunken treasure', and a new curiosity evolves around the clipper ship.

The clipper ship Mary Rose, captivates sunken treasure enthusiasts as she reveals her secrets, which were hidden beneath the sea for more than 450 years from the Tudor era, and discovered 20 years ago. Gold coins, cannons intact within the barrels, and the contents of sailors pockets are only a few examples of artifacts recovered from the Mary Rose. The collection of over 20,000 items from the ship will be in museum display in 2012, and represents over 28,000 dives to recover her treasures. Enjoy exploring the Mary Rose's sunken treasure, and you may also wish to explore the clipper ship Stad Amsterdam before you sail off from here!

Marina's Around the United States

Marina's are always interesting places filled with colorful sails, vintage boats, and wonderful yachts. At night the marina lights dance on the water, as the boaters anticipate sunrise to launch their boats.

In that I live in the Puget Sound region there are quite a few Marina's nearby, which I will feature here on Tall Sails Adventure. From there I'll take you around the United States to other marina's so you can sail off to a marina of your choice. For marina's in Europe, sail on over to read our European marina information. Be sure to sail back to Tall Sails Adventure to see the featured marina's around Puget Sound, and then around the United States. Happy sailing!

Sailing to Marina's in Europe

Sailing or boating in Europe provides many opportunities to discover and explore a large variety of marina's. If you're planning a sailing trip, you'll want to know where the marina's are located and what amenities they may offer before you set sail.

For a complete directory of every marina in Europe, the Mediterranean sea, Adriatic sea, and the Aegean sea, Marina's Directory Europe (sorry, but the link has been removed as it is no longer a working site) may help you plan your trip! Their marina search is designed by mariners, so the information is dedicated to serving your specific nautical needs. Their marina list features 31 countries, so you're sure to find a marina in a location you plan to sail. Just imagine - you could be sailing in places like Spain, Italy, or even Morocco!

Dolphins Surfing and Leading Boats

Surfing and dolphins go together! Dolphins are not only playful, but intelligent, so perhaps it was the dolphins who really invented surfing! Take a moment from the high seas of life and relax as you watch these dolphins surf, play, and lead boats through the waves.

Sailing Nautical Style Boat Window Decorating Tip

Planning to invite friends on your sailing trip? Sailing vessels and boats with living quarters are no different than a home in regards to wanting an appealing decor, and especially if you're going to be entertaining. Well, okay - perhaps I'm biased since I love decorating - lol. However, everyone likes to have appealing surroundings, on or off the water.

Port Window Crochet Style!
Here's a sailing nautical decorating tip for your sailboat windows, or port windows. Boat windows are sometimes not that easy to decorate, and with this idea you just may solve one of those challenges. Yeah, I know what some of you guys might be thinking, but you have to admit this idea really fits nice with a vintage or antique boat. I especially liked this look surrounded by all the warm wood.

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." so I much prefer to share this idea with you from the photos.

Several years ago I attended the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show, which is where I saw the boat expressing their nautical creativity!

Here's the wonderful boat sporting this idea on their windows. I would have loved to have seen the interior of this boat, so if you're the boat owner and want to invite me aboard, I would love the opportunity - lol.

Unfortunately, when I attended the boat show it was already rather late in the day so I really didn't get a chance to get the information I would have liked to have for each of the boats. That's why I failed to get the name of this boat! Thought I had another photo showing it, but I haven't found it. If you know the name of this boat, and/or website belonging to this boat, please let me know!

Although I have lots of photos from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show, I have yet to share them with you, simply because I've been caught up in some other things with life! Let's just say the last several years of my life have not exactly been smooth sailing! But, I'll get those photos and stories posted here soon, so that gives you another reason to return to Tall Sails Adventure, right!

Adventuress is Sailing through Restoration

As they say, "Good things take time!" and it certainly is true with a time-consuming project of restoring a sailing vessel like the Adventuress! Haven Boat Works in Port Townsend, Washington is busy preparing the luxury schooner Adventuress, for the 2010 sailing season. When it comes to restoring a vessel of this size, many volunteers have also contributed endless hours to prepare her for the first day back out to sea. But this restoration adventure isn't just that! They're preparing for the Adventuress' 100 year birthday!

Did you know you can enter to win a free sailing excursion upon the Adventuress? If you want to enter you'll need to quickly! Otherwise, you may miss out on a terrific opportunity!