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Gainey Swept from Barque Picton Castle Deck

On December 8, 2006 Laura Gainey was sailing on board the Barque Picton Castle. As the ship rode the rough waves in the storm near Cape Cod, Laura was not tethered to the ship, nor was she wearing a life jacket. Tragedy struck when she was swept off deck from a rogue wave.

Only moments before she was swept off by the wave, she was ordered to go below deck, but she never had the chance to comply as the wave took her to sea. Sadly, Laura's life was lost at sea as they were unable to find her. Now, years later her story is in the news again as her father Bob Gainey resigns this month from his position with the Montreal Canadians hockey team.

As some have reported, the loss of Laura's life could have potentially been prevented if she had she been tethered to the ship, or at least wearing a life jacket. I guess the best lesson here is that we should never underestimate the power of the high seas, and to be prepared accordingly.

Barque Picton Castle Posts

For the convenience of our readers, here's a quick list of the prior posts when we have featured the Barque Picton Castle and events surrounding the wonderful ship. As we feature more about the Picton Castle, we will add to this quick list for you. Enjoy!

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The Wonderful Barque Picton Castle Ship
This article features Captain Moreland's Recommended Reading List!

Tribute to Laura Gainey from Picton Castle

One week ago yesterday on December 8th, Laura Gainey was washed overboard from the deck of the Barque Picton Castle. Unfortunately she was not found. The search for her was called off when the clock passed the 36 hour maximum time-frame when it is most likely that one would perish from hypothermia. However, please read the comment, which clarified the fact that the Picton Castle continued the search beyond that time frame.

Barque Picton Castle had placed a tribute to Laura on their website, but the link I previously provided here is no longer there.

Picton Castle Captain Moreland

Friday evening December 8th Laura Gainey was washed off the deck of the Picton Castle by a wave. Captain Moreland has commented on their Barque Picton Castle website in regards to the event. (Sorry, but they no longer have the link on their site). It's a very tragic event, but to the men and women who have sailed the seas it is a known risk they all take.

The endless motion of mighty ocean waves is not a force that can be tamed. The oceans power is what makes sailing a thrilling adventure, but the adventure can also become a nightmare. To a courageous sailor like Laura, adventures on the high seas is what they live for, and for some the waves become the caretaker of their soul.

As of Monday the search was called off, with survival minimal beyond the initial 36 hours due to hypothermia. Unfortunately the odds are that Laura has most likely perished at sea. They did find several garments of clothing, but sadly there was no sign of the young female sailor.

Gainey Still Lost at Sea

Daughter of the hockey manager Bob Gainey, Laura was still lost at sea after being washed overboard Friday evening on board the Picton Castle. Associated Press had a video covering the story. The concerns over hypothermia taking her life has grown. Unfortunately, all the links I provided to the story are no longer available.

Barque Picton Castle Woman Overboard!

You may have already heard the terrible news from Friday evening. A 25 year old Canadian woman aboard the Barque Picton Castle was washed overboard by a rogue wave! CBC News stated Captain Moreland's report, "The unidentified woman, who is Canadian and has some experience on boats, was on a shelter deck in the rear of the vessel, which Moreland said is considered a safe area."

Unfortunately a search has not recovered the missing woman, but there is still possibly hope as she went overboard in warmer waters. Very disheartening news, and it certainly serves as a reminder to us all of how powerful the ocean really is, and even when one is on board such a magnificent sailing vessel as the Barque Picton Castle.

Treasures From Far Places

Did you get an opportunity to see the wonderful treasures the Barque Picton Castle recently sailed home with? Truly a sight for an artistic eye, and for one who appreciates treasures from different cultures.

The Barque Picton Castle came home with many goodies from her travels in the south seas. A room full of exotic decorative items can be see on their site. They offer their treasure load in a Christmas Cargo Sale.

That is one event that I think would truly be a fun adventure, but the distance is quite far from where I live. If you are too far away as well, you won't want to at least miss their treasures pictured from their sailing trip!

Barque Picton Castle

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The greatest tall sails adventure stories surround the compelling beauty of the tall ships themselves. Each one has it's own character, and tales of adventure. Dangerous challenges as well as fun events are experienced from the decks of the tall ships as their bows break through the mighty waves at sea.

Their sails captivate the heart as they gracefully, yet forcibly capture the wind to obey their every command. Every tall ship holds it's own mysteries, but few are privileged to these sailing adventures upon the high seas.

The Barque Picton Castle in Nova Scotia may sound like a stone fortress, but indeed she is a wonderful tall sailing ship as you can see!

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Built in 1928, the Barque Picton Castle is owned and operated by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company, Ltd. The ship's mission is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance education. She also carries supplies and educational materials to islands in the South Pacific. She is 179 feet overall, and carries 12,450 square feet of canvas sail.

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There is much to learn about this wonderful ship, inluding her role during World War II in the Royal Navy. It's time to get your sea worthy legs in position as you take a tall sails adventure to read more about the Barque Picton Castle and her crew.

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Behind the helm of every good ship is a crew (Eric pictured above), and of course the Captain. Captain Daniel Moreland is one of the most respected sailing ship masters at sea today, and he has sailed the world. You may find it interesting to learn about their Captain's recommended reading list, as it is a must have. We have provided his reading list for you below.

Before we depart to sail back to reality, we must first provide a word of thanks! Thank you Barque Picton Castle for granting us permission to present your ship's information and photos to our readers. Special thanks too to David their Voyage Coordinator for assisting us in obtaining that permission.

As promised above...

The Captain's Recommended Reading List:

The Way of a Ship
Captain Alan Villiers

Two Years Before the Mast
Richard Henry Dana

Billy Budd
Herman Melville

The Last Grain Race
Eric Newbey

Men, Ships, and the Sea
Captain Alan Villiers

Captains Courageous
Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Conrad