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Captain Stormalong at Sea

With a name like "Stormalong" it seems only natural that the man would become a captain of a clipper ship! His name was a natural fit for a captain as I'm sure he faced many long storms at sea. Arr!

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes at sea with Captain Stormalong! Contrary to his name, this is a short, tall sailing adventure to watch.

Peter Pan and the Pirate Captain Hook

If you like pirate stories, most likely you recall the story of Peter Pan and his arch rival and pirate, Captain Hook in the Mermaids Lagoon. Peter Pan cut off Captain Hooks right hook hand and fed it to a crocodile. The crocodile then chased Captain Hook around looking for more, but Captain Hook always knew where the crocodile was because he swallowed a clock and Captain Hook was able to hear the clock ticking inside the crocodile.

If you like Disney trivia, the inspiration for this blog post came from the writer of The Kid Within, and that's where I was reminded that Peter Pan flew past the second star to the right, and straight on till morning! That route took Peter Pan where the flying ships reached Neverland -- the fictional island dream world in the Peter Pan story!

Captain Kidd St. Kitts Adventures

In 1689 with French and English shipmates and armed with a twenty gun brig, Captain William Kidd anchored in the Leeward Island of St. Kitts where the Caribbean meets with the Atlantic Ocean. Unique to the other islands in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is an interesting place geographically due to the fact that it has lush vegetation, which makes it a perfect and desired hide-a-way for pirates. For Captain Kidd it was his first destination in the Caribbean.

Less than ten years later in 1696, Captain Kidd became a privateer, and went to hunt down pirates, although he also continued with his crimes.

In early 1701 Captain Kidd was executed while in a drunken state, and his corpse was tarred and caged in an iron gibbet at Tilbury Point, which served as a reminder to others who perhaps entertained the desire to follow in his foot steps.

Picton Castle Captain Moreland

Friday evening December 8th Laura Gainey was washed off the deck of the Picton Castle by a wave. Captain Moreland has commented on their Barque Picton Castle website in regards to the event. (Sorry, but they no longer have the link on their site). It's a very tragic event, but to the men and women who have sailed the seas it is a known risk they all take.

The endless motion of mighty ocean waves is not a force that can be tamed. The oceans power is what makes sailing a thrilling adventure, but the adventure can also become a nightmare. To a courageous sailor like Laura, adventures on the high seas is what they live for, and for some the waves become the caretaker of their soul.

As of Monday the search was called off, with survival minimal beyond the initial 36 hours due to hypothermia. Unfortunately the odds are that Laura has most likely perished at sea. They did find several garments of clothing, but sadly there was no sign of the young female sailor.

Felix the Cat and Captain Kidd

Felix the cat is back in this cartoon to rescue his golden goose from Captain Kidd. Captain Kidd stole the goose that laid the golden eggs, but couldn't get the goose to lay more golden eggs. It's no surprise that a pirate would want a goose that laid golden eggs!

Captain Big Beard and the Time Looters

Have fun with this far fetched fun pirate story for all ages. Time Looters will loot 10 minutes of your time to locate the dirty tea towel pirate map and hidden treasure. So sit back and relax and have a good laugh as you travel back in time to visit Captain Big Beard.

Watch both parts to the Pirate Captain Big Beard story.

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam in Captain Hareblower

Were you a fan of Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam? Here's a classic pirate cartoon you're sure to find fun! Arrrr!

True Story of Captain Kidd

Who was Captain Kidd? A pirate? Or, was he really a hunter of pirates? An interesting book is "The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd." The author of this book Richard Zacks, spent over three years researching The Pirate Hunter, including months at the Public Record Office in London. What is quite fascinating is his research resulted in locating a pirate prisoner's long-lost diary. With his research Richard Zacks reveals who the real Captain Kidd was. According to the findings of Richard Zacks, Captain Kidd was not the ruthless buccaneer that most have been led to believe.

Dozens of treasure chests were buried along the eastern seaboard by Captain Kidd; or at least that was what the old stories of time presented to us. But was that really true? Was Captain Kidd a pirate or pirate hunter? You decide!