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Lighthouses Surviving Rough Seas

The beacons that normally warn and guide ships at sea are sometimes taken over by stormy seas. Rising from the deep like castles at sea, lighthouses are tested by waves attempting to take them down.

French lighthouses engulfed by rough seas:

Waves and lighthouses from aerial views. Awesome video!

Lighthouse Tour of Cape Hatteras

Lighthouses make a great seaside adventure for everyone. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has provided light to sailors for over one hundred years. The lighthouse is open for tours so you can really take in the ocean views and get a feel for what it's like to be inside a historic lighthouse.

The next best thing to actually being able to tour the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, is to tour a portion of it on video. Grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy the tour of the Cape Hatteras historic lighthouse located in North Carolina.

Sail to Historical Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a favorite destination for many seagoing adventures, and especially when you desire to take in a bit of history on your sailing trips. Packed with both character and purpose, lighthouses represent a long era and history of inspiration from sea to shining sea.

Dating back to 280 BC lighthouses stand the test of time, strong sea winds and storms due to their style of architecture. If you appreciate lighthouses you'll most likely want to include some lighthouse tours in your sailing adventures.

Not able to sail to your favorite lighthouse? Surf on over to Lighthouse Getaway and enjoy the various lighthouses featured on their site.