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Marina's Around the United States

Marina's are always interesting places filled with colorful sails, vintage boats, and wonderful yachts. At night the marina lights dance on the water, as the boaters anticipate sunrise to launch their boats.

In that I live in the Puget Sound region there are quite a few Marina's nearby, which I will feature here on Tall Sails Adventure. From there I'll take you around the United States to other marina's so you can sail off to a marina of your choice. For marina's in Europe, sail on over to read our European marina information. Be sure to sail back to Tall Sails Adventure to see the featured marina's around Puget Sound, and then around the United States. Happy sailing!

Sailing to Marina's in Europe

Sailing or boating in Europe provides many opportunities to discover and explore a large variety of marina's. If you're planning a sailing trip, you'll want to know where the marina's are located and what amenities they may offer before you set sail.

For a complete directory of every marina in Europe, the Mediterranean sea, Adriatic sea, and the Aegean sea, Marina's Directory Europe (sorry, but the link has been removed as it is no longer a working site) may help you plan your trip! Their marina search is designed by mariners, so the information is dedicated to serving your specific nautical needs. Their marina list features 31 countries, so you're sure to find a marina in a location you plan to sail. Just imagine - you could be sailing in places like Spain, Italy, or even Morocco!