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Mermaid Tells Her Tale

If mermaids really lived, they might be much like this mermaid, Hannah Fraser. Without air tanks, this mermaid swims down 50 feet into the ocean, and even the best of swimmers find it difficult to swim with her. Whales, sharks, and other fish swim beside her as if she is one of them. Her dream to become a mermaid began early in life, and it seems she is swimmingly living her dream! This is one amazing mermaid!

Dolphins Surfing and Leading Boats

Surfing and dolphins go together! Dolphins are not only playful, but intelligent, so perhaps it was the dolphins who really invented surfing! Take a moment from the high seas of life and relax as you watch these dolphins surf, play, and lead boats through the waves.

SeaWorld Trainer Killed by Killer Whale Tillikum

Sadly, forty year old SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, was attacked and killed by SeaWorlds killer whale Tillikum. It's reported that Tillikum pulled her into the tank by her ponytail. Due to the whales aggressiveness they were unable to rescue Dawn, and her death resulted from injuries and drowning. Prior to this incident, the killer whale Tillikum had taken the lives of two other people, which also brings the question of whale captivity to mind once again.

San Juan Islands Cold Water Marine Life

The San Juan Islands in Washington state have always been a hot travel destination, but unless one is diving they won't get the opportunity to view the wonders beneath the surface of the water.

It seems most videos of marine life that are well done are from warm waters, but this is a great example of the colorful marine life you could see in cold water seas.

Shark Monster from the Deep Sea

A rare, prehistoric shark was located off the coast of Japan. Scientists stated that seasonal upward currents most likely brought the living fossil to the surface, which normally swim around 2000 feet deep.

It's interesting to view this unusual-looking shark! With 6 gills rather than the usual 5, this shark's long body was over 10 feet in length. Unfortunately, shortly after they captured the prehistoric shark, she died.

The video I originally posted is no longer available. But this is another massive rare shark sighting to watch:

Sea Whale Adventure

Marine life is exciting to see and provides a fun seafaring adventure for a day, but sometimes an adventure turns into a frightening experience. Watch this whale adventure and see how one woman nearly lost her life swimming with the whales.

Watching the Killer Whales

Rising from the water at sunset and diving to the depths of the sea, the killer whales are truly king of the sea. They are magnificent creatures and mighty in strength. If you like to go whale watching but don't have an opportunity to do so anytime soon, take a 4 minute break to view the killer whales in this video.

When you finish watching the video, if you would like to see an awesome shark video, surf on over to one of our older posts here on Tall Sails Adventure. There is a story about a young boy named Volney Beckner who fought off a shark to save a little girl. Have fun at sea as you surf Tall Sails Adventure for more stories and fish tails tales!

Sea Otters Holding Hands

Seagoing adventures just would not be complete without the wonderful creatures who make the seas their home. When exploring the seashore, it's not always possible to capture the marine life on camera or to even see the marine life as they explore the depths of sea.

These sea otters are adorable, and you won't want to miss watching this video. Be sure to watch the entire video because the best part is close to the end! Enjoy!

Going Green to Sail in Blue Waters

As we dream of sailing vacations in bright blue waters we all need to remember to do our part to keep the deep seas and other waterways clean. Nothing is worse than destroying our natural resources, which in turn provide us with necessary recreation and relaxation. There's always various concerted efforts to focus on keeping our waterways clean, but one method you might want to read up on is Going Green! Each of us doing a little, adds up to make a big difference!

Marine Parks Conservation

Our day here in the greater Puget Sound started as a sunny day finally giving way to the rain so typical for our area. I guess you could say it's turned out to be a gloomy cloudy day. Makes me wish for a sunny weather vacation. With that thought in mind perhaps you are beginning to plan for your vacations.

I came across a Marine Parks list from the National Parks Conservation Association, and I thought you would find it to be interesting, but unfortunately they no longer have the list online. The list included 13 coral reefs, the tropical rain forests of the sea, details of various marine wildlife and of course the place we all love to visit - beaches.