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Tashmoo White Star Line Message in a Bottle from 97 Years Ago

Imagine the thrill of finding a message in a bottle from nearly 100 years ago! That thrill of a lifetime is owned by a diver exploring the St. Clair River in Detroit, where the treasure remained all those years. The message in the bottle was written on a Tashmoo White Star Line ticket. The Tashmoo was a side-wheeler steamboat, first launched in 1899.

The young girls who wrote the message cruised on the Tashmoo to go to the park, and now nearly 100 years later their message in a bottle has finally been discovered!

Message in the Bottle article

Message in a Bottle

I'm sending out an SOS to the world and hope that someone gets my message in the bottle! Oh, I guess you're not looking inside a bottle right now, but instead at my blog! Well, at least I hope you're reading my message in the bottle -- or blog. By the way, would you mind floating this message in a bottle on over to some other people online to read about this?

Do you remember that song, "Message in a Bottle" from the Police? Yes, the police -- but not the kind of dudes who show up at your door wearing badges, uniform and ready to shoot you.

I must say I'm feeling somewhat old these days when I think about how young I was when that song was popular, but we won't get into that. The Police wasn't one of my favorite bands back then, but I did like Message in a Bottle and several other songs they wrote.

It seems the Police are looking to make a comeback, or simply don't want to be forgotten. They just released a double disk Police Cd on June 5th if you want to grab some of those (now old) songs among some newer ones. Plus, if you purchase the double CD you would even get a vintage poster! Yes, of course vintage, because that's how old the Police are and well, we won't talk any more about how vintage I am, but be sure to send off this message in a bottle -- blog. I'm just not sure how you would get a blog post into a bottle?

Send a Valentine a Message in a Bottle

Once again Valentines Day is nearly here! Are you thinking about what you should get your sweetheart? One of my favorite gift ideas and one that is quite unique, is to give your sweetheart a message in a bottle!

You can come up with your own creative Valentines message to place in a decorative bottle, but for a gift you would not want it to be just any bottle! You would most likely want to select a fancy decorative type of bottle.

Do you want a unique idea for how to propose marriage? The message in a bottle could serve well for that purpose and your sweetheart will never forget how you proposed! You could take your sweetheart on a sailing vacation, and present them with your special message; your proposal for marriage in the decorative bottle!

Have a great Valentines Day!

Message in a Bottle

Imagine sailing to an ocean reef to cast a bottle out to sea. Enclosed within the colored glass, a message tossed and freed at last! Through storms and windy days the message in the bottle may travel to far-a-way land.

What shores will the message land, and will it be retrieved by the proper hands? By fate will it find it's home, or will it land where no man roams?

So send a message in a bottle out to sea to make glad the heart of a new-found friend as they discover your message in a bottle mystery!

A True Message in a Bottle Story

Every tall sails adventure perhaps has a message in a bottle tale, but this one really pulls at the heart in that it is true, and the event has such a significant meaning to a family, and an entire community. You may have heard the true message in a bottle story about Josh Baker. At the age of 10 Josh decided to write a message and place it in vanilla bottle. His message simply stated, "My name is Josh Baker. I'm 10. If you find this put it on the news." His message in the bottle was dated April 16, 1995 and he tossed it into White Lake in their small Wisconsin town.

Time stood trapped within his message in the vanilla bottle. Josh grew up and become a young man. He joined the U.S. Marines at 18 years of age, and by the age of 19 he was in the Iraq war.

Josh returned from the Iraq war, but several months later Josh was killed in a car accident. Josh was gone, but his time capsule was yet to be found.

Shortly after Josh passed away, a boy found the vanilla bottle with his message inside. His mother Maggie realized the message was exactly what she needed to inspire her to continue on, as she has two other children to raise. Everyone in town knows the Josh Baker story, and his story will be cherished by many. You wouldn't want to miss reading about a true message in a bottle story.

Sailing Vacation Charters for Your Wedding

Many romantic moments are captured by the sea, and it can become the perfect location for a wedding. Although many have experienced a wedding by the seashore, why not expound on the idea with the bride and groom escaping to the sea for their honeymoon aboard a chartered sailing vessel? Surrounded by the romance of the waves and water, a couple would surely begin their marriage in bliss with a sailing vacation honeymoon.

What are some ideas that could be implemented for the guests of a wedding by the seashore? Let's say you plan to get married in New England. You could serve your guest a fresh traditional seafood clam bake at the beach. To provide for a clam bake, dig a two or three foot deep pit lined with rocks, and build a wood fire top. Or, steam clams and provisions on a stove top and haul them to the beach. Fill buckets with shells and seafood-shaped candies at each table for fun favors. There are many treasures to choose from to do personalized wedding favors in a seashore theme. For example, some items to select from are beach candle favors, favors with dolphins, sea salts and beach candles.

Once the bride and groom are ready to make their escape to sea they could board a beautiful sailing vessel to spend a private honeymoon upon the water. There are plenty of sailing charters to choose from for your romantic get-a-way. Your adventure at sea could even include placing a message in a bottle proclaiming your love and your wedding date, and releasing it into the ocean. Each year thereafter you could go on a quest in search of your bottle with your message. Here's one idea for sailing vacations in the New England area:

Sailing Vacations on the Arabella, Shenandoah, or the Olivia

If you were wanting to plan a sailing vacation wedding, we hope that will inspire you with some ideas to start creating your dream wedding and honeymoon. Bon voyage!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

If we placed a message in a bottle and tossed it out to sea...
It would tell the world how much we love you,
for being a wonderful father to me!

Dad, we created a gift of inspiration for you to receive on this special day.
Just click here to see!

With all our love, Tammara and Wes