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Funny Pirate Attire Humor

Pirate attire can be fun to wear to pirate themed parties, or to maritime festivals. Along with the fun of dressing up, comes humor from comments. Here's a funny comment from a fellow dressed up in a pirate costume, which I thought you would find humorous...

"I tried to make my costume really authentic by hacking off my right leg. But... couldn't find a really good looking peg. Should have thought of that first."

LOL - Hope he's not referring to his leg, rather than his pant leg! Argh! Perhaps I should add a peg leg to my pirate attire costume list?

Sailing Humor for the Beginner

If you're having a rough day at sea it may lighten your day if you read some humorous sailing stories. One story I came across is a great example of how things can quickly get out of hand when the wind has it's way with an unexperienced sailor. Ahoy! Here's a short and humorous sailing story to add some fun to your day.

Stranded on an Island

When I was young the show Gilligan's Island was a favorite, and we probably didn't miss an episode. Over the years there have been plenty of other stories featuring cast-aways and people stranded on deserted islands, and it's certainly a popular fantasy among many I'm sure.

Now if one were to fantasize about being stranded on an island, nine out of ten times I'm sure the stranded on an island fantasy is focused on tropical islands. After all, if you were to be stranded on an island you certainly wouldn't want it to be somewhere cold! That is, unless your weird or something, right? No doubt, it would have to be a tropical island!

What if you were stranded on a tropical island, and had little provisions to work with? Suddenly the fun and adventure you may have fantasized about represents a ton of work! That's probably not what your fantasy envisioned you would be doing! You would be faced with constructing a hut, and then be at risk of losing it all to a hurricane or tropical storm, and reconstructing the hut all over again!

If you feel you may need to prepare to be stranded on a tropical island, you would need to at least learn some tips with what to do. Being trapped on an island may sound fun at first, and although the coconut diet would be very healthy that too would quickly become boring!

I think the best way one could prepare themselves for being stranded on a tropical island would be to realize that once you're there your new fantasy would be all about NOT being stranded on a tropical island, and instead it would be about staying in a place such as a luxury hotel on an island!

That would of course require accessing something such as Asia hotel news, but then again that would only be a fantasy if you were stranded on a tropical island! Suddenly being stranded on a tropical island doesn't sound like such a good fantasy after all!

Pirates of the Caribbean Bloopers

Pirates of the Caribbean is a favorite among many. Have you watched the Pirates of the Caribbean bloopers? If the movie itself wasn't enough, then you'll have to be sure to watch this video to catch the bloopers.

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, and if you like to laugh, bloopers from Pirates of the Caribbean should help you get started. Arrgh!

Get the Catamaran Name Correct!

It's funny how some things will trigger an event in ones memory. I had completely forgotten about this until I just read a blog post about a catamaran that was found drifting without any of it's crew or passengers. There is no trace of the individuals who were aboard! Very strange and sad they were unable to find the three crew members who simply vanished.

Reading about the catamaran reminded me of a funny thing that happened many years ago. My husband was commissioned to paint a small catamaran, which was far from the size of a yacht. The owner wanted it repainted the same color, which was bright yellow. He also wanted to have his nickname painted on each side, which certainly fit his boat as well. His nickname was, "Thick Slice" which he acquired from his friends joking about his weight. Since catamarans do seem to slice through the water the name "Thick Slice" was perfect!

My husband completed the catamaran and the bright yellow finish turned out perfect. He then proceeded to paint the letters to spell "Thick Slice". He finished the last of the letters, and I was anxious to see how it turned out. I entered the shop and began complimenting him on his work. My husband was not too thrilled when I had to bring an error to his attention. What had he done? He somehow managed to get the letters "s" and "c" mixed up in the word "slice" so it instead read, "Thick Clise" and he made the same mistake on each side of the catamaran - lol!

Now my husband never believed in using decals for letters or stripes, so this was not an easy task to remove the letters as they were air sprayed. They were black block letters painted on the bright yellow catamaran, so removing the black paint was a concern in order to also not ruin the freshly cured bright yellow paint!

Oh my, panic set in as the paint was also setting in! We quickly grabbed some lacquer thinner to remove the incorrect letters so he could repaint the incorrect ones. All was well and the catamaran, "Thick Slice" was ready to head for the water. The owner never knew his catamaran was nearly named "Thick Clise" for whatever that may have meant if anything, other than my husband not paying close enough attention! The photo is not the catamaran he painted, but a great example of the size and model:

Johnny Depp Pirate Impersonation

This guy did a pretty good job of impersonating Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! Have fun watching the video.

Plum Pirates of the Night

One night we sailed down a local street in our truck. Suddenly, we were startled as something struck the windshield. Smashed to a pulp on our windshield, we realized a plum hit our truck! Now plums just don't fly off a tree and smash into your windshield with the force and speed of a baseball, so we knew something was up.

We pulled a u-turn and drove back up the road, then suddenly just as the first time, we were hit with another plum! Our anger was no longer dormant as we realized the hazardous distraction could have caused us to either lose control of our truck, or crash into another vehicle.

Although no harm had been done, we were determined to identify who had thrown the rotting fruit, as they obviously were not concerned with the potential danger of throwing fruit at passing vehicles.
It quickly became obvious where the fruit was catapulted. There in the midst of the moons lighted path was a plum tree, and parked beneath the plum tree was a sailboat! We noticed someone stirring in the boat. We were not surprised to find three boys lurking in the dark as they fearfully attempted to hide from our anger.

That was the first and last time we saw the Plum Pirates, but we laugh each time we drive by their parked sloop as we mutter the words, "There's the Plum Pirates ship!"

© July 2006 Author: Tammara Nelson
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By our own creativity they soon acquired the name "Plum Pirates." We hoped few would know their malicious intentions, as we experienced.