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Sailing Nautical Style Boat Window Decorating Tip

Planning to invite friends on your sailing trip? Sailing vessels and boats with living quarters are no different than a home in regards to wanting an appealing decor, and especially if you're going to be entertaining. Well, okay - perhaps I'm biased since I love decorating - lol. However, everyone likes to have appealing surroundings, on or off the water.

Port Window Crochet Style!
Here's a sailing nautical decorating tip for your sailboat windows, or port windows. Boat windows are sometimes not that easy to decorate, and with this idea you just may solve one of those challenges. Yeah, I know what some of you guys might be thinking, but you have to admit this idea really fits nice with a vintage or antique boat. I especially liked this look surrounded by all the warm wood.

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." so I much prefer to share this idea with you from the photos.

Several years ago I attended the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show, which is where I saw the boat expressing their nautical creativity!

Here's the wonderful boat sporting this idea on their windows. I would have loved to have seen the interior of this boat, so if you're the boat owner and want to invite me aboard, I would love the opportunity - lol.

Unfortunately, when I attended the boat show it was already rather late in the day so I really didn't get a chance to get the information I would have liked to have for each of the boats. That's why I failed to get the name of this boat! Thought I had another photo showing it, but I haven't found it. If you know the name of this boat, and/or website belonging to this boat, please let me know!

Although I have lots of photos from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show, I have yet to share them with you, simply because I've been caught up in some other things with life! Let's just say the last several years of my life have not exactly been smooth sailing! But, I'll get those photos and stories posted here soon, so that gives you another reason to return to Tall Sails Adventure, right!

Clipper Ship Maritime Art

Anyone who loves the artistic qualities of tall sails clapping in the wind most likely would also appreciate clipper ship art. I came across a maritime artists site and wanted to share his work with you.

Maritime artist Christopher Duncklee has completed many wonderful clipper ship scenes, so you'll want to surf on over there and look at his wonderful art! Have fun as you enjoy his artwork!

Rough Seas Spray

Spray painting that is! At first I didn't think this rough seas painting was looking like it was going to turn out all that interesting, but then when you get to the end it's pleasantly surprising!

Rough seas painting #34 as it said, is interesting and really turned out much nicer than I expected it would. The final touches the artist adds is what really makes it, so be sure to watch it to the end.

Gone are the days when art is limited to the boundaries of the traditional art mediums. Spray paints, stencils and computer animation art has moved in!

Update: The video originally posted here is no longer available, nor could I locate a suitable replacement. :-(

Sailboats Origami for a Nautical Party

When I grew up we of course learned how to fold a paper airplane. Like the other kids, I tried to fold a good design to make it fly good, but often ended in disappointment. If you enjoyed folding paper planes, what about origami paper sailboats?

Here's a fun idea if you're planning a nautical themed party. Stock up on some fun decorative papers, colored pens, crayons or other ways to design a paper origami sailboat! I think every kid has learned how to fold a paper plane, but what about a paper origami sailboat? I never learned to fold an origami sailboat when I was a kid! Did you?

Watch the video below to learn how to quickly fold an origami sailboat, and then have the guests of your nautical themed party build their own. Just in case the video is not your preferred method to learn, there's also a good written description on how to build a paper origami sailboat.

While some of your guests attending your nautical themed party may not be into sailing, perhaps they would love to build a paper sea plane or your traditional paper plane. Your kids can also learn how to do a paper airplane to fly over to your origami sailboat!

Either way, origami can be a fun thing to do at a party and especially if the origami fits the theme of your party such as a nautical one.

Sailing On Canvas

One of my favorite waterfront views to look at is that of a small marina with the sailboats. There just seems to be something quaint about a small town marina with the sailboats docked and waiting for their next adventure.

Second best to the real thing are paintings of waterfront scenes and marinas inviting us to a real life adventure. For many of us though, we can only dream of sailing off the canvas of a painting and into high seas.

One of my blogging friends is a creative person able to capture the fun of a sailing adventure on canvas, or in the case of his most recent painting, "oil on board" as he says. Now at first when I saw his newest work of art, the sailboat "oil on board" I thought perhaps he meant "on board" as one would say referring to on board the deck of the sailboat - lol!

Either way, go sail over to Fred Bell's sailboat painting, and then you'll surely want to sail off canvas into high seas as your imagination carries you off the painting. Nice painting Fred!