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Pirates of Sea of Thieves in Cursed Sails

Arrr... The Sea of Thieves, with bad to the bone-rattling pirates are ready to set sail into the ocean blue! As they prepare for battle against anyone who would resist their destruction, the men cowardly hide!

And, if that weren't enough, a new free 'cursed sails' update has come to the Sea of Thieves! With cursed cannonballs, the doubled-sail Brigantine, and alliances to tackle the skeleton crews! Share your gold, but beware of mutany! Hoarding the gold could prove to drive your ship down! Arrr!

Clipper Ship Old Spice Game

Clipper ships carried spices, teas, wool, and other goods worth trading and selling, and became the inspiration for many merchants, thus one day Old Spice was born. Known for it's clipper ship logo, they now have a clipper ship card game. The players travel aboard the legendary, Old Spice clipper ship.

The Old Spice clipper ship game will surely get your scents senses moving. Gotta love those old clipper ships!

Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Internet Game Online

The movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean" was of course all the rage, and now Disney has launched Pirates of the Caribbean as an Internet game! It's time to select your pirate character, man your pirate ship, and live the Pirates of the Caribbean legend as you play the new Disney Pirates of the Caribbean game online! You may also wish to sail on over to play other pirate and sailing games online, right here at Tall Sails Adventure. Arr!

Lost Ship Margrave Manor

Are you a treasure hunter seeking to find lost ship treasures? Would you like access to the pirate treasure chest? Could you unlock a legendary treasure chest and solve the mystery of how the ship was overcome by the sea? We dare you to unravel the mystery of Margrave Manor surrounding the lost ship at sea! Or, if you prefer, find other pirate treasure games. Arrr!

Hidden Island Treasure Game

Sailing off to a hidden island in the tropics and looking for treasure is probably everyone's fantasy. In that it isn't possible for many to do, at least making a game of it can be fun! Even if there isn't any buried treasure, sailing off to a tropical paradise would be enough of an incentive.

In the Hidden Island game, you must remove an ancient spell that was cast on the island, and learn the mystery of the island. Have fun if you decide to sail on over to the hidden tropical island, but you just may need to escape from paradise!

(Update: Sorry, but I'm no longer representing the sponsor of the game, so you can do an online search to locate it).

Free Computer Game Online - Pirates & Sailing

Ahoy friends! Are you lookin' fer something to do fer some good plain fun? How bout spending some of der time sailing round with an online sailing simulator, or hunt down some pirates? Have fun playing these pirate and sailing games. Now just so you know we don't want to tell any tall tales, so keep in mind that some of these games are free pirate and sailing games, and some of the games provide a short free trial or demo. Arrr... now be sure to keep der ship on course! Ahoy Captain! Thar she blows! Let the treasure hunt begin!