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Pirates of Sea of Thieves in Cursed Sails

Arrr... The Sea of Thieves, with bad to the bone-rattling pirates are ready to set sail into the ocean blue! As they prepare for battle against anyone who would resist their destruction, the men cowardly hide!

And, if that weren't enough, a new free 'cursed sails' update has come to the Sea of Thieves! With cursed cannonballs, the doubled-sail Brigantine, and alliances to tackle the skeleton crews! Share your gold, but beware of mutany! Hoarding the gold could prove to drive your ship down! Arrr!

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

Coming to theaters this Summer in 3D! The Pirates of the Caribbean action adventure movie, "On Stranger Tides" will be sailing in to entertain us once again, so practice talking like a pirate and getting into the mood for another Johnny Depp pirate movie. Arr!

Funny Pirate Attire Humor

Pirate attire can be fun to wear to pirate themed parties, or to maritime festivals. Along with the fun of dressing up, comes humor from comments. Here's a funny comment from a fellow dressed up in a pirate costume, which I thought you would find humorous...

"I tried to make my costume really authentic by hacking off my right leg. But... couldn't find a really good looking peg. Should have thought of that first."

LOL - Hope he's not referring to his leg, rather than his pant leg! Argh! Perhaps I should add a peg leg to my pirate attire costume list?

Pirate Bay Pirate Cove Oregon

Avast! Have you a good day ye old pirate? It seems that some places in the world get lost online. One such place is the pirate bay known as "Pirate Cove". Pirate Bay is actually not a place from what I can determine, but Pirate Cove is.

In the sea of the Internet it seems the place, "Pirate Cove" is drowned out by the many searches made for "Pirate Bay", which has nothing to do with pirates of the Caribbean or any other sea, or maritime pirates. So, just to clarify, we are talking about Pirate Cove here, not the Pirate Bay in regards to pirated music etc. - lol.

Now that we have cleared the murky waters, just where is Pirate Cove? Arr! Not difficult to find in the world we live in today, as we have reliable maps and even pirate maps to follow. Pirate Cove is in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Just feast yer pirate eyes on this here map so you can see where Pirate Cove is.

View Larger Map

But of course there isn't just one Pirate Cove in the world, but today I'm writing about the Pirate Cove in Oregon. So, for those of you who may have forgotten the name Pirate Cove and perhaps confused it with Pirate Bay, now you know where the location is, if you're looking for the one in Oregon. Happy sailing! Arrr!

Pirate Language and Pirate Phrases

Talking like a pirate doesn't come natural for many. Pirate wannabees must practice talking like a pirate to get it right, just like you would if learning a foreign language. In addition to specific pirate phrases, the accent and manner in which it's spoken should also be practiced. For a quick study on talking like a pirate, this will give you some pointers, and a few laughs too! Arrr!

Pirate Captain Big Beard and the Time Looters

If you like pirates, and you are a fan of time travel, here's a silly story that combines pirates with time travel. The pirate captain Big Beard and the Time Looters will take you through time to find the hidden pirate treasure. Locating hidden pirate treasure always requires a treasure map, and in this tall tale they use a map made from a dirty tea towel. Have fun as you watch pirate Captain Big Beard. Arrr!

Part 1

Part 2

Ship Captain Rescued From Pirates

Yesterday we shared the story in regards to ship Captain Richard Phillips being held captive by pirates, and his unsuccessful attempt to escape four armed pirates. Today we are happy to hear the US Navy killed three of the four pirates, captured the fourth, and rescued the ship Captain as a result of a surprise attack against the pirates! It's always wonderful news when the good guys win a battle against pirates!

Pirates Captured American Captain

It's terrible to hear that four pirates are holding a US Captain hostage! Captain Richard Phillips made an attempt to escape, but unfortunately was unsuccessful. The four pirates are armed and therefore recaptured Captain Phillips after his attempt to get away.

Be sure to read the full story about the pirates capturing the American Captain. In the meantime we hold Captain Richard Phillips in prayer and hope for his safety and freedom!

Pirates Hijack Jordanian Ship

Pirate movies in Hollywood have glamorized the evil acts real pirates carry out. Some people also assume that pirates were really only bandits that existed years ago, but that simply is not true.

Although pirates in our era today may not wear the same attire, they certainly do exist. Only hours ago, pirates hijacked a Jordanian ship. More details in regards to the pirate attack will most likely be heard, but for now you can read about the pirate attack off the Somali coast.

Pirate Treasure Hunt with Lego Pirates

Pirate fantasy treasure hunts are fun for all ages and this is one pirate treasure hunt your kids will really enjoy. In less than five minutes your kids will see the golden treasure trunk unburied and glowing with pure gold! On the other hand, as adults it's fun for us too! Arrr!

Pirate Costumes, Fashion and Attire

Well me friends, it's time to talk about pirate costumes now that Halloween is approaching. For some, wearing costumes is not about a specific day of the year, but a way of life. Yes, strange as it may seem I understand there are some who dress up for -- well, no occasion at all!

Some things to think about for your pirate costume might require locating a good beard, mustache, pirate hair style, belt, eye patches, or how about a parrot to wear on your shoulder? Arrr! Of course the list does not stop there. You may wish to host a pirate theme party too!

Those are many accessories to consider for a pirate costume, but don't forget the pirate tricorn hat! You may also want to sport a pirate treasure trunk, box, or treasure loot bag to carry with you. Either way, with a pirate costume you'll be prepared year-round to have fun. Just don't forget to buy a stuffed parrot, unless you can sport a real one on your shoulder. Arr! Have fun!

Peter Pan and the Pirate Captain Hook

If you like pirate stories, most likely you recall the story of Peter Pan and his arch rival and pirate, Captain Hook in the Mermaids Lagoon. Peter Pan cut off Captain Hooks right hook hand and fed it to a crocodile. The crocodile then chased Captain Hook around looking for more, but Captain Hook always knew where the crocodile was because he swallowed a clock and Captain Hook was able to hear the clock ticking inside the crocodile.

If you like Disney trivia, the inspiration for this blog post came from the writer of The Kid Within, and that's where I was reminded that Peter Pan flew past the second star to the right, and straight on till morning! That route took Peter Pan where the flying ships reached Neverland -- the fictional island dream world in the Peter Pan story!

Pirate Talk

Arr! Today is the official "Talk Like a Pirate Day!" For all you landlubbers who need to brush up on your skills there's many ways to do that.

Talking like a pirate is one thing, but some of you will also want to walk or act like a pirate as well. One step toward talking like a pirate is to learn to recognize pirate sayings or pirate lingo. For the rest of you it may just seem to come natural, and maybe you're like one everyday. That's a scary thought! Argh!

Pirate Theme Party

Kids always have fun with costumes, and pirate costumes have always been a favorite for kids adults of all ages. In addition to pirate costumes that kids adults have fun with, you could host a complete pirate theme party -- Arrr!

To succeed at creating a pirate theme party you'll want to make sure you have plenty of snacks to feed the pirate guests who always seem to have a hungry belly. You'll want to provide them with plenty to pillage to satisfy their hunger, otherwise you will be at risk of mutiny on your pirate ship!

There are many ideas, and things you could use in your pirate themed party. Here's some ideas to get you started:

Talk Like a Pirate Instructions

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate's Booty
Probably not what you think it is

Pirates Costumes and Attire
A theme party is not complete without the costumes

Origami Pirate Sailboats
Guests can create and color their own

Pirate Treasure Boxes
For smaller treasures that don't require a full sized trunk

The official pirate guide

Pirates Treasure Cache

A treasure cache may seem to be a new idea, but if pirates of old lived today they would be the first to remind us that they were the masters of treasure caches, and vast ones at that!

Imagine the thrill of going on a treasure hunt and discovering a cache of treasure long lost at sea. Old trunks and chests filled with gems and golden coins, would await you to uncover their mystery!

That is of course the lure and mystery of a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts bring out the kid in all of us, and would certainly compel one to seek the treasure if given a map and clues to locate the cache.

Arrr....What are you waiting for? It's time to go on a fun treasure hunt! Just be sure to share your new-found treasures!

A Pirate Patch Needed!

Arr, matey! Today I need a pirate patch to help me focus! It seems my last contact lens for me right eye decided to break yesterday, leaving me with only my left contact lens. Focusing on the screen to type this is actually easier with my right eye closed! Argh! Does anyone have a pirate patch I can borrow until Thursday when I get my new lenses? LOL!

Puzzling Pirates Treasure

The lure of pirates and their treasure is loved by kids of all ages, including those of us that never grew up! To seek pirates treasure would be like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. First you would need to acquire their infamous treasure map, and then go on a hunt to find their buried treasure!

Naturally the odds of ever having such an experience are nearly zero, so one has to create other ways to experience the fantasy treasure hunt! Pirate tales, costumes and now even pirate puzzles have become popular.

Look! There's a pirate now! He's pointing to something. Could it be his treasure? You'll have to see the rest of the pirates puzzle to find what he is pointing to! Arr!

Pirates Ransom

Pirates going for the throat to get their ransom was a common practice, and not limited to the old days. The lure of potential treasure was fueled by their best friend Greed, who knew no satisfaction.

Treasures heaped and overflown from old chests and trunks were the fantasy their souls desired. Unstoppable when in pursuit of their ransom, pirates would not back down from conquering others as they went to war to compete for the treasure load.

Hundreds of years has past and it really is no different today with those who compete for treasure. Although they may not yield swords modern pirates still go for the throat as they war against one another for pirates ransom. Unlike the ancient pirates who rarely claimed treasures of vast proportions, pirates ransom today is not in the millions, but far into the billions! Argh!

Captain Kidd St. Kitts Adventures

In 1689 with French and English shipmates and armed with a twenty gun brig, Captain William Kidd anchored in the Leeward Island of St. Kitts where the Caribbean meets with the Atlantic Ocean. Unique to the other islands in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is an interesting place geographically due to the fact that it has lush vegetation, which makes it a perfect and desired hide-a-way for pirates. For Captain Kidd it was his first destination in the Caribbean.

Less than ten years later in 1696, Captain Kidd became a privateer, and went to hunt down pirates, although he also continued with his crimes.

In early 1701 Captain Kidd was executed while in a drunken state, and his corpse was tarred and caged in an iron gibbet at Tilbury Point, which served as a reminder to others who perhaps entertained the desire to follow in his foot steps.