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Pirate Bay Pirate Cove Oregon

Avast! Have you a good day ye old pirate? It seems that some places in the world get lost online. One such place is the pirate bay known as "Pirate Cove". Pirate Bay is actually not a place from what I can determine, but Pirate Cove is.

In the sea of the Internet it seems the place, "Pirate Cove" is drowned out by the many searches made for "Pirate Bay", which has nothing to do with pirates of the Caribbean or any other sea, or maritime pirates. So, just to clarify, we are talking about Pirate Cove here, not the Pirate Bay in regards to pirated music etc. - lol.

Now that we have cleared the murky waters, just where is Pirate Cove? Arr! Not difficult to find in the world we live in today, as we have reliable maps and even pirate maps to follow. Pirate Cove is in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Just feast yer pirate eyes on this here map so you can see where Pirate Cove is.

View Larger Map

But of course there isn't just one Pirate Cove in the world, but today I'm writing about the Pirate Cove in Oregon. So, for those of you who may have forgotten the name Pirate Cove and perhaps confused it with Pirate Bay, now you know where the location is, if you're looking for the one in Oregon. Happy sailing! Arrr!

Shoreline Aerial Images for Planning a Sailing Trip

Have you ever wondered what the shoreline looks like of a place you wish to sail to? Imagery makes it so easy to sail to your destination online, before your boat leaves the dock. Easy to use, and fun, shoreline aerial images and photos can help you plan your sailing trip.

For example, if you're wanting to sail over to a shoreline in Washington State, you can take a look at where you're going from the aerial shoreline images on the Washington State Dept of Ecology. To give you an idea of what it looks like, here's an image. Happy sailing!

Port Townsend, WA.

Sail to Historical Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a favorite destination for many seagoing adventures, and especially when you desire to take in a bit of history on your sailing trips. Packed with both character and purpose, lighthouses represent a long era and history of inspiration from sea to shining sea.

Dating back to 280 BC lighthouses stand the test of time, strong sea winds and storms due to their style of architecture. If you appreciate lighthouses you'll most likely want to include some lighthouse tours in your sailing adventures.

Not able to sail to your favorite lighthouse? Surf on over to Lighthouse Getaway and enjoy the various lighthouses featured on their site.

Tall Sailing Bed and Breakfast Clipper Ship

When it comes to going out of town I have to say that bed and breakfasts are my favorite for accommodations, and especially if they serve up a delicious breakfast! One of my fascinations with clipper ships is because they are a romantic type of structure with tons of character.

With that being said, I couldn't resist sharing what I found this morning. Traverse Tall Ship Company has a floating bed and breakfast on Traverse Bay located on the Great Lakes. Now this is the ultimate trip for your kids! Fun and rustic, you couldn't possibly go wrong with this tall sailing adventure.

Although bunk beds might not be the ultimate accommodations for adults, if you have kids this would be an absolute top rated fun adventure for them. You can however also sleep out on the deck under the stars if you take your sleeping bags - just don't plan on doing any sleepwalking!

For a bed and breakfast it certainly is reasonably priced, so you couldn't possibly go wrong with planning a fun vacation on the floating bed and breakfast. If a floating bed and breakfast may not be your cup of tea, then you may wish to charter one of their tall sailing ships. At 114 feet in length, the Manitou is one of the largest sailing ships In Traverse Bay.

Arrr - it's time to set sail for now. We'll see you when you visit us here again at Tall Sails Adventure!

Sailing in Sydney, Australia

Coogee Beach, one of Australia's most beautiful beaches would make a wonderful place to go sailing. Located in Sydney, Australia Coogee Beach is a perfect place to stay to enjoy the surf.

There are of course plenty of hotels in Sydney, but if you want to stay at Coogee Beach, you may wish to consider the Coogee Sands Hotel and apartments right on the beach! That's located at one of Australia's prime surfing beaches so you would have plenty to enjoy there while you're not sailing.

If that place is too expensive for your budget there are of course some cheap hotels to fit into any budget. When you're done sailing for the day you'll be close to plenty of restaurants and the night life to have fun in Sydney. Have fun if you plan to enjoy a sailing trip at Coogee Beach!

North Carolina Sailing, Free Raleigh, NC Getaway

Fall is here with all it's glory displayed in bright crimson reds of the maple trees. There are plenty of fall festivals across the country to enjoy, but what I love are the colors of the deciduous trees reflecting in water.

North Carolina has beautiful fall colors to enjoy and Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina is not far from numerous sailing destinations, so it could make a great vacation spot. If you're planning a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina you just may have a shot at winning some free accommodations! Mamma Mia! You certainly would not complain if you were to register and win some free tickets and hotel room to relax around Raleigh.

You could access sailing from the Triangle Lakes area or head further out to the coast to go sailing there. If you're into bird watching, fall is also the time to catch the hawks flying south too. As I sit here knowing our temperatures outside are in the mid 50's where I'm located, yet in the 80's this week in Raleigh it sounds like a nice warm place for an adventure. With over five lakes to access in Raleigh it would be a great way to cool off on a hot day.

One reason I'm writing about this registration for a possible freebie, is because a trip to Raleigh just might be what I'll be doing in the near future due to a business opportunity, but it could also serve as a great fall getaway too!

Here's another fun thing to check out if you go there. With the registration for the getaway, if you win you would also receive 2 tickets to the dinosaurs and ancient fossils, discoveries at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences. That sounds like a fun event to me in addition to traveling the shores of their lakes. From bird watching to checking out dinosaur fossils and sailing, it could be a fun trip for your family.

Sunny Sailing Destinations

In my last post I just shared a great tip for you on how to potentially rent a vacation rental of your dreams at a lower budget. Your sailing vacation destination can easily be located online.

If you are planning to travel to someplace warm you might want to consider choosing from beautiful Panama City beach vacation homes. One feature I really like about that website is the fact that you can view the rentals from their video photo viewer, so you really get the opportunity to see what you'll be renting before you get there. That sure helps to eliminate any potential disappointments with the place you rent.

How about having some fun in the sun in Fort Myers beach vacation rentals? I just finished drooling over a vacation rental in SeaCrest complete with a pool and beach all rolled into one. What more could you ask for? Why a sailboat of course! With all of that water around, you won't have problems finding one to rent.

If by chance you have a vacation rental to list, you might discover that's a great way to bring in some extra dollars while you travel somewhere else. By chance do you have any Kissimmee vacation rentals? They have the page ready to go if you do!

Vacation Rentals for Sailing

Time to start planning your vacation rentals and other plans for your sailing destinations! If you're planning to stay at any places that are generally booked up quickly, you'll want to plan now for your vacation next year. Planning a vacation with access to booking your travel plans online make it quite easy. But, what about the budget?

If you're like most you may be on a budget and need to make your dollars go as far as possible. You may want to read up on this tip for renting a vacation rental and staying within your budget when you do. I have a tip for you for staying within budget, and you can use this tip for planning your vacations online as well as over the phone.

It will be worth the time to read this vacation rental budget strategy tip if you have a specific vacation rental in mind, but can't afford to rent it for the rentals normal minimum time-frame to stay. We've used this trick several times and have really been pleased with how we were able to rent a place that we were not otherwise normally able to budget. My tip just may put that luxury rental within your reach!

When I've used this vacation rental budget strategy, each time it was when I was booking travel online. You could however make use of it when booking your travel plans over the phone as well. Be sure to check out my vacation rental budget tip, and have fun as you plan your sailing vacations.

Sailing Trip Planner

Planning a trip or sailing vacation can be a great deal of work. Once all the plans are completed you can end up having so much work into it that you'll need a vacation just to relax after all the planning - lol!

Here's an opportunity to assist you with your travel plans for your next sailing trip. Not only could this be a big time saver, but I imagine you would end up with much better plans in place for your sailing vacation by making use of a trip planner.

Here's a list of some things you can accomplish by using the trip planner: You can build your itinerary, save your travel research in one place, plus even share your plans with other people interested in traveling!

It's a great money saving and organized approach to planning a trip without having to hire a travel agent or traveling guru, by simply making use of some checklists. Here are some sites to sail to so you can put together a trip planner, and some trip checklists.

Sailing Schools
Be prepared with a proper sailing education for yourself. Keep in mind if you were to become injured or ill you may need another person to operate your sailboat. You may want to be sure that at least one of your other passengers knows how to operate your sailboat, so sail on over to a sailing school to get that person educated before you go.

Marinas Directory and Checklist
Provides you with the marina information for a wide range of marinas within the USA, Canada, as well as European marinas. Their checklist provides some guidance with things to consider about marinas.

Tropical Sailing Vacation List
If you're ready to get drenched by the sun, plan a sailing trip in the tropics!

Safe Sailing for Dummies
Provides a great checklist for the newbie sailor, and also good for the experienced sailor that may need some reminders before they set sail.

Sailing Checklist
Basic, yet also a thorough list for your sailing plans. Their list is divided into three groups: Equipment checklist, departure checklist and an arrival checklist.

Ideas for the Kids:

While making your sailing trip plans, if children will be traveling with you don't forget to pack appropriate gear and items to keep them entertained. You might want to pack sailing or pirate board games to keep them out of trouble. Another fun idea to keep them entertained is to supply them with pirate attire and pirate costumes! Arrr!

I hope that information provides you with some great resources for your sailing trip so you can create a sailing planner. If those resources are of help to you, please comment here to let me know. Happy sailing!

Adventures in a Travel Blog

With so many places to travel it's always interesting to read about the experiences of different travelers from various parts of the world. Unless you are one of very few to be privileged with sufficient wealth to travel the world, the Travel Blog is one site I learned about today, which features the traveling adventures of people in a variety of places. Unfortunately since I originally wrote about that site, the link is no longer active.

From seas to mountain slopes or anywhere between, you could find an interesting destination to read about. Taking the time to research a destination can save a person a great deal of time and money, and reading about other people's experiences is a great way to learn about the travel destinations that interest you.

You can read about travel destinations and plan your ultimate dream sailing vacations as you research the things to do while heading for your destination or once you reach it. Off I go for now as I read about another person's travels on the Travel Blog!

Sailing to Myrtle Beach

An email I received about a year ago had just come to mind, but I don't have the photo any longer to share. It was a ship or yacht with a golf course on top and the email message said it was Tiger Woods yacht. I'm not sure if it really was or not, but can you imagine having a golf course on the top deck of your yacht? Yes, fun to imagine, but entirely a different story to buy one.

If you plan to go sailing in a warm place and if you're a golfing nut be sure to catch the waves to head on over to the myrtle beach golf courses. That way you won't need a course on the upper deck of your yacht!

With numerous gorgeous courses to choose from you are sure to find the one that suits your fancy. You could even stay at the Barefoot Resort Yacht Club and run your toes through the sandy beach. Bon Voyage!

Sailing Destination Never Reached

As I was reading one of my blogging friends funny stories about boating, it reminded me of a funny sailing adventure I have to share.

Many years ago my husband and I fixed a friend up with a blind date. It's sort of funny how the blind date scenario was also somewhat prophetic of what turned out to be like a bad blind date with a sail boat! In a moment you'll see what I mean.

Our friend had a 28 foot sailboat and invited us to go out with him and so we fixed him up with a blind date with an acquaintance of mine. Prior to that time neither my husband or I had ever seen our friends sailboat. Not knowing what it looked like, or what type of sailboat he had, I simply figured that since it was a 28 footer it would of course have some modern conveniences. But, this was where the boat itself became like a bad blind date. It was far from our visions of grandeur!

We arrived at the marina in Gig Harbor where our friends sailboat was moored, only to discover the sailboat was not at all what we had envisioned. The sailboat turned out to be an old wooden racing sailboat wanna-be. In other words it was nothing more than a flat decked sailboat with no modern conveniences, and only a very small amount of storage beneath the bow! It was more like launching a raft, than a sailboat - lol. By now you get the drift (pun intended) when I said it was more like a bad blind date. Drift seemed to be the thing we could not do in the right direction!

Unfortunately we left too late and the sails were not large enough to work against the strong currents we encountered in Puget Sound. Our destination was to be Point Defiance State Park in Tacoma, Washington, but we never made it!

Armed with a cold bottle of champagne and too much beer, we also became in desperate need of the modern convenience that the sailboat was not blessed with! For the guys that was not such a problem, but for us gals -- well let me just say the space below the bow of the boat and Styrofoam cups were the combination to bring about relief for us ladies. Not my idea of a modern convenience!

Although we continued to pursue our destination, after many hours of trying to make it through the strong currents and wind, we gave up and decided to turn back. Of course once we turned back and we were then going with the current, we made it back to the marina in a jiffy. I still laugh about that sailing adventure today, and that we never made it to our destination, which really was not that far away!

Sailing Vacations in Australia

If you're looking for warmer weather sailing, you may wish to plan a sailing vacation trip to Australia and enjoy their beautiful sparkling blue seas. In Melbourne, AU you would find Williamstown to be a great destination for your yachting or sailing pleasures. The nearest marina there is Parsons Marina and from there you're ready to set sail!

Just look at that inviting blue water there in Williamstown! It's picture perfect and there's plenty of places to stay if you need good accommodations in Melbourne.

As I'm sharing this information with you about Melbourne, Australia I'm looking out our window at a cloudy overcast day, and the waters here in the Puget Sound are quite gray and cold, so to me the blue waters and blue skies there in Australia are looking quite inviting! Oh how I wish I could be there now.

Have fun if you decide to take a trip to Australia and if you go sailing in Melbourne have a wonderful time in the land down under!

Sailing in Amsterdam

Planning to take a sailing vacation? With so many destinations to choose from it certainly can be a difficult choice. Tropical waters often come to mind first, but if you are into wonderful architecture too, a destination such as Amsterdam is filled with interesting architecture combined with many canals to explore.

There are many hotels to choose from and one area of interest is the popular, Floating Flower Market! The Floating Flower Market is a unique set of permanently moored barges featuring not only flowers from around the world, but also some great places to stay. For starters, you could do an easy map search to locate where you would like to stay.

If you love the thought of combining your sailing vacation along with an architectural adventure, you would find the two perfectly combined in an Amsterdam destination of your dreams, and plenty of tourist attractions to choose from! Happy Sailing!

Hawaiian Sailing Vacations

Wow, what a view! Imagine sitting there in your Hawaiian beach rental with your favorite beverage as you prepare to set sail into the wonderful blue waters! Just makes you want to dive in right now, doesn't it?

Now here's one place that would be so incredible to stay! The Menehune Shores Kihei Maui condominiums have awesome views right there on the water! Blue skies, blue water and palm trees will surround you along with a peaceful breeze. Oh, I wish I was there now! I could really enjoy a rest in a hammock at sunset looking at that view.

Visiting an online vacation site is the simplest way to plan a customized trip to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. You can quickly plan a trip from anywhere on the Internet. It sure saves time and takes the guess out of wondering what your accommodations would be like when you arrive. Hawaiian Beach Rentals offers accommodations such as vacation homes, condos and hotels, as well as airfare and car rentals if you're wanting to travel to Hawaii. But, hey -- what about the boats?

Recent efforts in Hawaii have focused on ecotourism to protect their valuable environmental assets while luring savvy travelers to experience the raw beauty of a Pacific Island. So, what are we waiting for? It's a good time to plan a trip for sometime like in November when it's rainy and cold here. That's when the blue waters of the Pacific would really be a treat! If you really need to be spoiled you may wish to purchase a Maui condo for living year-round in paradise! Bon voyage!

Sailing in the San Juan Islands

It's time to gear up for your summer vacations, which hopefully you've already planned ahead of time, and within your vacation budget. The most popular areas to vacation will already be booked up. One of the most beautiful places to vacation in the United States is not far from my neck of the woods. The San Juan Islands are very beautiful and especially for a place to sail.

Perhaps one of the best ways to determine where you would like to go for vacation is to look at the various web cams online. If you would like to snoop at the San Juan Islands, you can be there in a flash by viewing their various web cams! From there you can make many plans for a sailing vacation.

If you aren't looking for a sailing vacation in the San Juan Islands, there's many other places to go by way of web cams. It's fun to do, and the web cams essentially allow you to travel the world before you go!

International Sailing Vacations

Are you ready to take the sailing vacation of your dreams? Planning to go abroad to sail off to waterfront properties to pamper your senses? There are many beautiful places in the world to provide one with wonderful places to take a sailing vacation or to choose for your permanent residence.

As waterfront property here in the US has increasingly become more expensive, you may find a place of your dreams within your budget if you seek a life abroad. Overseas real estate just may be one terrific resource for you to gain some insight and direction for a place to suit your fancy. Property abroad presents unique opportunities, but it also presents unique challenges.

Imagine though the possibilities for your sailing dreams to come true in places like Belize, or perhaps you would rather take a permanent sailing vacation from a beach in Brisbane, Australia! Either way, they both sound good to me in comparison to the cold waters of the Puget Sound near my home.

I enjoyed the website I just shared with you, but it would really be nice if they had larger photo's of some of those destinations. Oh well, off I go dreaming about a place to sail to with warmer waters! Bon voyage!

Go Sailing at Alki Beach!

Wordless Wednesday

Sailing at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Now here's a destination you may not have even considered for your sailing adventures! Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has wonderful and inviting blue waters and plenty of sandy beach to run your toes through.

You may have heard the latest buzz in regards to the fact that Bulgaria is one of the hottest real estate markets to consider too! Bulgaria Property just might be where your sail boat will want to retire so be sure to surf on over to their site for a taste of those beautiful blue waters!

A Time-Share Get-a-Way

Some of you may not be able to get out onto the water into a sailing ship or sail boat, but still enjoy watching them sail by. From the sound of the sails clapping in the wind, to the sound of the bow breaking the water there is much to stimulate the senses as we watch sailing vessels.

Why not plan a get-a-way where you can experience the wind in the sails without necessarily being on board the sail boat or tall sailing ship? There are many destinations to choose from for a sailing vacation, or non-sailing vacation!

One place to discover some time-share travel destinations can be explored through fairfield resorts. There is much to choose from such as vacation ownership condos, hotel rooms and suites, vacation rentals of villas, cottages, bungalows, campgrounds, city apartments, fractional private residences or luxury destination clubs and boats. Yes, boats! So, if you wish to sail away you just might be able to do that during your stay! Hey, that rhymed!

The resorts are located in the most desirable destinations and rate among the highest worldwide in quality. Some of the places available to tempt you are on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico where you can visit the Maya ruins, but there are plenty more to choose from too.

Today, FairShare Plus is the third largest timeshare exchange network in the world (behind RCI and Interval International), and members can use their points both for resort stays. Members may also use points toward a wide variety of travel and leisure products including airfare, cruises, accommodations and specialized activities and attractions. It's never too early to plan your time to get-a-way! In fact since we are heading into winter it's a great time to plan a trip to a warm, sunny place along the water.