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Tall Sails Adventure Destination

Yet another wonderful destination for a tall sails adventure is Tybee Island, located only 20 miles from Savannah, Georgia! You most likely won't find any pirates there, but you surely will find some beautiful Southern style homes and mansions along the water.

Imagine finding your dream home or a vacation home on Tybee Island, where you could be enjoying sailing adventures every day! To add to your sailing pleasures, a National Wildlife Refuge is located near the water.

With the Wildlife Refuge there would be plenty to explore when you sail back from a long day on the water.

Hawaii Sailing Vacation

Time to chat about another great sailing vacation destination! For a tall sails adventure on the high seas, Hawaii is perhaps at the top of your list. While planning your Hawaiin sailing vacation you will most likely want to take advantage of one of the exclusive resort locations in the Hawaiian Islands. Luxurious and convenient features, such as spacious living areas, custom furnishings, and artwork can be found in an outstanding Hawaii vacation home.

Just imagine the wonderful places you can choose and be close to the ocean when you stay in a Hawaii Condo. You can be so close that you will frequently feel the spray from the ocean as waves break against the coastline. One terrific example is in Kaanapali, which runs parallel to the ocean, with rentals as close as a mere thirty feet from the beach! Arrr! Now that is one great destination, and you won't want that great opportunity to sail away from you so book your vacation now!

Sailing Into La Jolla Cove

Are you planning a sailing vacation into San Diego? Be sure to sail on over to La Jolla Cove, and savor a delicious meal at the La Jolla restaurants such as the finest Italian cuisine Trattoria Acqua. Gracefully overlooking the cove, Trattoria Acqua offers what few other restaurants in San Diego can: fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea on your plate within 24 hours of being caught! Now that's fresh! Ahoy sailors, you won't have to fish for that catch!

Trattoria Acqua offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Southern California coastline, which you'll experience in several of their videos on their website. Specialty menu options include gourmet meals with fresh herbs. It'’s enough to make your mouth water!

Now that we are entering fall it is a great time to plan ahead for your summer sailing vacation, so don't forget Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla Cove. Okay, now that I'm hungry I need to go grab a bite to eat! Arrr!

Travel to the Beach

Obviously one of the best places to go see ships with tall sails or to hear pirate tales is to go to the beach! By now you may be feeling you're in for a vacation, but perhaps the budget is tight. With Discount Vacation Packages you can take a relaxing vacation getaway to a fun new destination along a sunset beach while taking advantage of Fairfield Getaways package pricing. So, go ahead and spend your next vacation on a relaxing beach! Grab your kids and their sand castle buckets, and book your beach destination travel plans today!

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Last summer we took a nice trip to Depoe Bay, Oregon where the waves of the sea crash upon the rocks. If you miss the ocean and don't have a chance to travel to the sea anytime soon, enjoy our video below. Have fun with your visit to the sea!