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Sailing With a Waterproof Camera

Imagine for a moment that you're planning a sailing trip. You're packing your gear and have everything prepared to go, including your camera. You're excited about the photos you'll capture while on your sailing trip, but wait! Suddenly you realize your camera is not waterproof! Oh my, that's a disaster waiting to happen - for your camera that is, and for the potential photos you shoot.

What you really need is a waterproof camera, which you could use underwater too! Now imagine again your upcoming sailing trip, and the fun you can have taking photos from the boat deck as the water is splashing up, and not having to worry about the water damaging your waterproof camera!

When it's time to set anchor you could even hop into the water and capture underwater photos to amaze your friends. With a waterproof camera you can add a new adventure to your trip, and who knows, you might even capture an award-winning photo, and much better than the photo I took above!

Sailing from the Crows Nest

"Ahoy Captain! There's land ahead!" may be something you would hear coming from a crows nest. Now before you think this is for the birds, I'll refresh your memory in case you've forgotten what the platform way up high in the mainmast of a ship is, which served as a lookout tower for the need to look for land or enemy ships.

In the very early days the crows nest was sometimes made from a barrel or a basket. Have you ever wondered where they came up with the name crows nest?

The crow was an essential part of the early sailors' navigation equipment. These land-lubbing fowl were carried on board to help the navigator determine where the closest land lay when the weather prevented sighting the shore visually. In cases of poor visibility, a crow was released and the navigator plotted a course that corresponded with the bird's because it invariably headed straight toward land, "as the crow flies".

The crow's cage was situated high in the main mast where the look-out stood his watch. Often, he shared this lofty perch with a crow or two since the crows' cages were kept there: hence the "crow's nest."

As quoted by Wikipedia regarding the ships crow's nest, you now officially know where the term crows nest originated. Have fun as you go sailing from the crows nest! You might want to take a bungee cord to strap yourself in!

Rugged Sailing Equipment

When preparing for a sailing trip there are some things that are essential, and then there are things you would like to take just for fun. When going out in rough water planning ahead is important to make sure the equipment and gear you take will be able to endure the environment and surroundings.

There's one piece of equipment you may want to include in your list, but perhaps have opted not to include due to potential water damage, and being too delicate for the ride on the waves. This may surprise you, but for those of you who are up on the latest technology this may not be news to you.

Either way, a rugged laptop for sailing may become one of the most important pieces of rugged equipment you would like for your sailing adventures. Check it out for yourself! It's one cool piece of rugged equipment that every savvy sailor will need, and I was surprised to see the prices are really not that bad. It seems to be the perfect rugged sailing item for a trip!

Foggy Sailing Navigation

Modern man is lavishly spoiled with high tech equipment. Gone are the days when sailors had to navigate through fog or cloudy days without proper instruments to determine the direction of the sun.

Have you ever thought about what it must have been like for the vikings as they sailed the waters without instruments? Or, did they also make use of technology for their time? We know it wasn't with a Rolex!

Forced toward innovation, the vikings utilized a form of technology, which was supplied by the earth rather than man. On cloudy or foggy days their sundials were not illuminated by the sun, so they must have had another means for navigation on cloud-covered days.

One theory is they sailed through the waters aided by natural crystals as they filtered the light, which changed colors and brightness to reveal the direction of the sun. It makes for interesting reading, and soon we become quite thankful for modern technology.

Suddenly we realize it's a minor hassle to adjust our clocks and computers for the new daylight savings time schedule.

Sailing Gadget for a Gift

Are you looking for the last minute gift for your sailor friend or family member? Here's an idea for a sailing gadget that would make a great gift!

The HawkEye in-dash digital depth sounder can provide accurate readings even in a high speed environment. No matter where you plan to sail, a depth sounder is a must. This one will provide you with performance, accuracy and reliable readings.

Sailing Vacations With Beach Cruisers

Planning the ultimate fun-in-the-sun vacation right now sounds very appealing! With temperatures below freezing here in the Pacific Northwest a sailing vacation in the tropics could be quite nice about now. Unfortunately planning what one would really like to do versus actually being able to do it are often two different things in life. However, it never hurts to dream about a warmer climate while sitting in a freezing one!

When you take your next sailing vacation have you thought about what you will do while you are on land? Would it not be fun to take your beach combing experience to a different level? Have you become acquainted with beach cruisers?

Beach cruisers may seem like a fancy name for just a bicycle, but they are better equipped for riding in the sand. If you really wanted to get silly you could hook up a sail to one! Well okay bad idea, so lets leave the sails on the boats in the water, and use wheels when we are on land. So don't forget to leave room for your beach cruisers when you go sailing. Beach cruisers will allow you to have much more fun along the beach, and especially if the beach is rocky and full of barnacles. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have many salt-water beaches that are covered with barnacle-encrusted rocks, and it makes for a dangerous place to walk in flops.

With a beach cruiser you can cover a much larger area along the shores to comb for your favorite shells, or shellfish for your beach picnic. Beach cruisers can be purchased with some pretty wild color combinations. You can actually order them with the fenders in a different color than the frame. What would you choose?

In addition to colors to select from there are specific styles to choose as well. For the real beach cruiser fanatic you might want to order a chopper cruiser! For the lady on your sailing vacation you can select a women's cruiser and then there are of course the ones for the little pirates on your trip too!

You may wonder what style or color of beach cruiser I would pick? Hmm, that's a tough choice! I do however, like fairly wild colors so I would pick a brightly colored one like in a purple tone.

Although they have some neat colors to choose from there seems to be a lack of any graphics to choose from. Or, for the person who really wants a wild beach cruiser color how about a color-changing paint such as a pearl color or chameleon paint? Yes, that is expensive paint, but it could look really cool on the curvy frame of a beach cruiser!

So schedule your warm sailing vacation, pack up your cooler with a great picnic and don't forget the beach cruisers!

Sailing Tool Tip - Flashlights

Every sport or recreational activity calls for the right tools, or “toys” if you prefer! The need for the right tools and equipment is especially important when you are subjected to the elements and weather while sailing. In a sport such as sailing having the right tool or equipment could mean the difference between life, or death. Without the proper equipment you potentially will leave yourself, or your passengers aboard your sailing vessel, exposed to potential danger. As a boat owner your liability also becomes greater with the life of others in your hands.

With that being said, here is our sailing tool tip for this week! Every sailor needs to have the right emergency lights at hand. Not planning on sailing at night? That’s a wise decision to only sail during the day however, as you know things beyond our control happen every day, and especially in an environment such as high seas. One never knows when things will not go as planned and you may just find yourself out there at night, and if you are not armed with the right equipment you may not ever make it home.

It’s easy to take something as simple as a flashlight for granted, but it could end up being the tool that saves your life! You therefore don’t want to risk relying on a cheap one, and it should also be a high quality waterproof design. For sailing you could even take the advice from a pelican! Now we aren’t talking birds here, but I’m referring to the Pelican brand.

Pelican is one great choice because you have many styles of waterproof flashlights to choose from along with waterproof storage cases to protect your investment from the salt or fresh water damage. Firefighters, police officers and hunters alike are familiar with Pelican and rely on their quality.

With Pelican you can select a flashlight that is right for you in size and style. You will of course want to choose more than one unit as an added safety measure. One can never have enough flashlights while out sailing in the high seas. You can choose from xenon, led, halogen or others, and some have an 8-hour battery life, which is essential out at sea. One other style of flashlight you may want to consider is the HeadsUp style. It’s really a must for when you need both hands free for big tasks, and they make a great gift too! Happy sailing!

Sailing Tip: Marine Binoculars

Here's a quick tall sailing adventure tip! If you're planning a trip on the high seas there is much to be seen that your natural vision may miss if you don't have the right equipment. A must have for any tall sails adventure is to take a pair of good quality marine binoculars. They are offered in many of your favorite brands such as Bushnell, Steiner, Canon, Nikon and Tasco.

There are specific features of a pair of marine binoculars; so taking just your standard binoculars will not do your trip justice! I'm sure you are planning to take a good camera, so you want to also take a quality pair of marine binoculars.

So, what is the difference? When you are out on the water the deck of the ship or your boat is not a steady surface to stand upon. Normally when you gaze through a pair of binoculars you are standing firmly and holding the binoculars steady and still. This can't be achieved while standing on deck so it is necessary to utilize a pair of marine binoculars, in order to not lose the details of the image from unsteadiness. You know how hard it is to not be shaky and see with just a pair of standard binoculars, so think of how much more difficult it will be while you are out at sea! There are many other benefits of marine binoculars such as water proofing, and they also have special coatings on the lenses to protect them from water damage.

Once you get out onto the water you will really see the benefit of utilizing marine binoculars in comparison to a standard pair. If you are a serious individual about enjoying your tall sails adventure you will most certainly want to invest in a pair.