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Seaside Underwater Restaurant

This is really an amazing restaurant! The dining area is completely underwater so it's like eating surrounded by a giant aquarium! The restaurant is 16' below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort. The only thing one has to wonder is if you would feel guilty eating fish as they stare at you through the looking glass! The photos are amazing at making you feel you are right there so swim on over there to take a look at the wonderful underwater restaurant.

Sailing to Beach Sandcastles

You'll have to turn your speakers up for this one as you sail off to the beach of your dreams with sandcastles. I love sending ecards, and this site is perfect for those of us who long to be at the beach!

As you know some kids never grow up and if you want to build the sand castle of your fantasies you can do that with virtual sand castle, plus it's a kid safe zone too! This is the castle I just created! You can even save it as a wallpaper image!

With this ultra cool site you can first begin by selecting your beach. Then you create a castle, which comes in various shapes of sand to choose from, and you can select items such as seagulls, beach balls, star fish and other beach accessories.

To create the sandcastle card you simply drag and drop the pieces on the beach; making it the easiest sand castle you have ever built! I promise you with this one you won't even get covered with sand, and you won't have any grit between your teeth! Once you place the sand castle pieces on the beach they are built up to create your sand castle of your dreams!

With the virtual sandcastle you can even color the sand castle if you wish, and don't forget to water it! If you make a mistake with the placement of a section of the sand castle you once again simply drag and drop it to relocate it. Oops, did you pick the wrong section of sand castle? Simply select to delete, send it to the foreground or background. When you're finished then preview your castle creation and send it to a friend.

Do you love building Sandcastles? You can build one of your dreams with far less work as you create a card to send to a friend to perhaps say, "Bon Voyage"!