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Wind Surfing Course

If you would like to learn wind surfing, you can either go at it alone, get some assistance from a friend wind surfing with you, or in this case learn how to wind surf by video and online.

The US Sailing site has basic keelboat training. You might want to also sail over to this instructional information for wind surfing and sailing. Now is the time to educate yourself about wind surfing so you'll be ready to make a go at it once Summer comes around.

Allison Shreeve Champion Wind Surfer

Wind surfing is something I would love to try, but probably not something I would be able to get my husband to want to do with me, so I would have to go on my own, which would not be fun. :-(

Allison Shreeve was born in Sydney and grew up on a farm, but has become a champion wind surfer. Allison first learned how to wind surf while in high school. It's her full-time passion and you can learn more about her by watching this video. Have fun as you catch the breeze with her wind surfing!