How to Tie an Anchor Hitch Knot for Sailing

When it comes to sailing, one better know their knots! The anchor hitch knot is necessary for doing just that - anchoring and attaching a line to an object.

Sail on over to Apparent Wind to view a very cool animation to see how to tie an anchor hitch knot.

If you prefer to watch a video for instructions with Captain John to tie the anchor hitch knot get a grip on this one:

Great Tea Clippers Speed Machines History

History presents us with great clipper ship adventures. They sped through the waters to deliver the goods, and win the race against time. Fierce trade winds drove their sails as they clipped the forceful waves.

"They were fast and sleek and 150 years ago the great tea clippers ruled the waves. Battling the elements, they raced to deliver their valuable cargo from China to the fashionable tea drinking sets in London."


Tashmoo White Star Line Message in a Bottle from 97 Years Ago

Imagine the thrill of finding a message in a bottle from nearly 100 years ago! That thrill of a lifetime is owned by a diver exploring the St. Clair River in Detroit, where the treasure remained all those years!

The message in the bottle was written on a Tashmoo White Star Line ticket. The Tashmoo was a side-wheeler steamboat, first launched in 1899.

The young girls who wrote the message cruised on the Tashmoo to go to the park, and now nearly 100 years later their message in a bottle has finally been discovered!

Message in a Bottle Found 100 Years Later

Tashmoo White Star Line Side-Wheeler Steamboat