Tribute to Laura Gainey from Picton Castle

One week ago yesterday on December 8th, Laura Gainey was washed overboard from the deck of the Barque Picton Castle. Unfortunately she was not found. The search for her was called off when the clock passed the 36 hour maximum time-frame when it is most likely that one would perish from hypothermia. However, please read the comment, which clarified the fact that the Picton Castle continued the search beyond that time frame.

Barque Picton Castle had placed a tribute to Laura on their website, but the link I previously provided here is no longer there.


Dan V said...

Just to clarify, the search and rescue operations continued well past the estimated survival time of 36 hours. The Picton Castle, her captain and crew, (along with the Canadian and United States Coast Guard and two merchant vessels), searched the Atlantic with the hope of finding Laura for four days. Their search was suspended December 12. Needless to say, Laura's family, the Captain and Crew of the Picton Castle, and the entire Picton Castle family are devastated by this heart-breaking loss.

Tammara Nelson said...

Hi Dan,
Thank you for correcting me on the time-frame of the search and rescue efforts of Laura.

My heart goes out to all of her family, friends, and everyone there at the Picton Castle.

May Laura and her contribution to the sailing world not be forgotten.