Pirates Attire, Clothing and Costumes

Well me friends, without proper pirate attire you may find yourself walkin' the plank! Arr! Here's some tips for pulling a pirate costume together, without having to rob too much from your pocket book. Look carefully at the pirate attire images on this page for more ideas for your pirate costumes.

Pirate Belt Sword Holder
Eye Patch

Dress in layers of natural fibers such as cotton, linens, leather

A rich pirate may wear a silk scarf

Hat, or other dressing such as a sash or bandanna tied around the forehead

Think; "Johnny Depp" style!

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean or other pirate movie for costume ideas

Find a stuffed parrot or other bird to wear on your shoulder attached to a chain

Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil hung in fish net bag from belt or purse

Treasure chest filled with cheap jewelry

Long beads or chains worn around the neck

Earrings - Large hoop style or long dangling style

Hair pulled back or wear a wig in an untamed style, preferably a long length

Grease your hair - lol. Easy to do by adding heavy conditioner or hair gel

Large billowy sleeves with cuffs or ruffles

Ruffles around the neck or down the front of a shirt

Loose fitting pants which hang just below the knees

Pirate Hat and Clothing
Leotards or tights

Leather or faux leather boots

Sash tied around waist and/or around the head




Treasure bag for all your plundering of candy

Eyeliner thick and heavy around the eyes. Johnny Depp wore it well, didn't he?

Braided hair

Faux tattoos unless you already sport the real thing

Flask or other type of bottle to hang from your belt loops

Small handbag (yes, guys used those too) worn around your neck or shoulder 

Heavy belt or chains for around the waist
Pirate Style

Handkerchief hanging out of a pocket

Dress your dog too!

Place a stuffed parrot on your shoulder

Attach a real parrot to your shoulder with a leash

Unkempt style in general

Have fun, be safe and try to be a nice pirate
(I know, "nice pirate" is an oxymoron)

Here are some links with photos to help provide further ideas:
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