Sailing Schools for Sailing Lessons

If you are planning to learn how to sail and prefer to attend a sailing school, there are many good ones to choose from. We'll be adding more to our list of sailing schools later, but for now this will get you started, depending on the geographical area in which you live. In that I'm in Washington State, I'll begin there!

Keep in mind that it may be more economical to have a friend or relative join you to take sailing lessons from a school since some provide a price break for educating more than one student at a time. So grab a friend before you register for lessons at a sailing school. Happy sailing!

Washington State Sailing Schools, 
Sailing Lessons and High School Sailing:

Gig Harbor Sailing School
Offers sailing school lessons, and is also a sailing club. Gig Harbor, WA

The Sailing Foundation
Even if you're not near the Redmond area, be sure to sail over to The Sailing Foundation. Their site has a long list of sailing schools in Washington State as well as in Oregon. The Sailing Foundation also provides High School Sailing. Redmond, WA

NOTE: Be sure to also visit Johns Nautical List of sailing schools listed below, for additional sailing schools in Washington State.

Sailing Schools in Other States, and Countries

Johns Maritime List
Sail on over to John's list to discover a long list of boating and sailing schools in various states within the USA, as well as some located in other Countries. While on his site, I lost count of how many schools he has listed! I was too lazy to count them all, but it appears he has well over 70 listed, so it's well worth your time to visit his site. Thanks John, you made my work here much easier - lol.