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Your updated resource for sailing magazines, boat and yacht magazines, wooden boat magazines, cruiser magazines, and more! You can even locate the RC radio controlled Sailboats Magazine and RC Sailboats from this resource! You'll find digital sailing magazines, sailing magazines delivered in your mail, and sailing magazines online.

As you visit the various magazines keep in mind that some of them may offer a boat giveaway, free sailboat, free boat plans, free online games with boats, or free boat games! You may also find some boat show news, or you can do a search for boat shows coming to your local area. Let's sail!

Sail Magazines, Sailing Magazines, Sailboat Magazines, Sailing Magazines Online
  • Blue Water Sailing Magazine
Blue Water Sailing is also known as BW Sailing. A sailboat cruising magazine, Blue Water Sailing Magazine was designed from the start to offer great sailing stories from cruisers around the world and to provide real world solutions for offshore sailors who need to fit out their cruising boats to meet the rigors of the ocean.
  • Seahorse Sailing Magazine
Seahorse Magazine has developed over 25 years into a forum for debate, influential opinion, and is truly an International magazine. They are the official publication of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC). Also recognized as Seahorse Sailing News, Seahorse Sailing Journal, Seahorse Sailing Publication, Seahorse Marine Yacht Sales, Seahorse Sailing Newspaper, which of course contain Seahorse sailing articles! Did I miss any?
  • Soundings Magazine
Soundings Online Magazine has everything from sailing and boating articles to classified ads to buy or sell a boat. Some people think of Soundings Trade Only, when they look for Soundings Online Magazine. If the sailboat itself isn't enough to own, they also have waterfront property listings too! Here's their sailboat section.
  • Sail Magazine
Sail Magazine, Sail Boat Magazine, or Boat Sail Magazine, (whichever you prefer) is full of Sail Magazine archives to search to your hearts content. Sail Magazine has everything under a sailing deck and more. With their sailing magazine online you can even use their 'Ask Sail' section to ask a sailboat expert your questions!
  • Cruising World Magazine
Cruising World, Yacht Cruising World Magazine, or Cruising Magazine gives you the opportunity to snoop through sailing destinations, learn lots of information from their sailing how to sailboat cruising magazine section, and much more!
  • SA Sailing Magazine
South Africa Sailing Magazine, "Published monthly, SAILING is Southern Africa’s premier specialist sailing magazine, featuring latest news in the sailing community, reviews, and expert advice from our panel of writers."
  • Sailing Today
Sailing Today offers their magazine in two formats: Delivered to your door or their digital version. Both are sure to please your sailing appetite. They also have great sailing videos on their site.
  • Sailing World
As you would guess, Sailing World Magazine, another great sailboat cruising magazine has much to offer, but they also have an expert section which covers the following: Sailing Rules, Sailing Technique, Boat Speed, Sailing Tactics and Strategy, and Winners Debriefs. Some people refer to it as Sail World Magazine.
  • Sailing Magazine
Sailing Magazine is described as, “The Big One, full of beautiful pictures and instructive material on all aspects of sailing. SAILING, founded in 1966 by an avid Great Lakes sailor, is the sailor’s magazine. It's the oldest continuously published sailing magazine in the United States." Sail sailor to this sailing magazine online!
  • Sailing Breezes Online Magazine
With a name like Sailing Breezes, it's difficult to resist the temptation of sailing on over to their online sailing magazine. With racing news, waterfront classifieds and more, you'll have plenty of things to keep you busy as you sail through Sailing Breezes Online Magazine.
  • 48 Degrees North or Forty Eight Degrees North
With this sailing magazine online, 48 Degrees North has a unique layout compared to many of it's competitors. From the home page you can view their past months magazine covers and begin your online sailing magazine adventure!
  • Sunset Magazine
Sunset magazine, known for it's travel and outdoor living stories, also features stories about sailing! Sail on over to read about the Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Hawaii, and how chasing a sailing dream began for one lady as early as the age of one!
  • RC Sailboat Magazine
Radio Controlled RC Sailboat Magazine is a fun place to sail to! Radio controlled or RC Universe has forums and user reviews for RC Sailboats. If you don't have the opportunity to acquire a full sized sailing vessel, why not get an RC Sailboat for fun?
  • Small Sailboat Magazine
For a Small Sailboat Magazine, sail on over to Small Craft Advisor. Small Craft Advisor Magazine says, "We test sail and evaluate sailboats of all types, from the smallest daysailer to the biggest trailerable cruiser."
  • Boats Magazine
BoatU.S. Magazine has over half a million readers, and is stated to be the largest-circulation boating publication. They are the Boat Owners Association of the United States. Before you subscribe to their boats magazine, you can sloop snoop around and look at some of their featured articles with full sized images, on pdf.
  • Catamarans & Multihulls
(Update: This article originally linked to "Catamaran Magazine", of which the link no longer works. I chose to update this with a link to Multihulls from Sailing Magazine).

The word 'catamaran', although colloquially associated with a high-speed boat, has its origins in South Asia. It is an anglicized form of the Tamil phrase "kattu maram" (which translates literally as "tied wood/log") for a raft. "Catamaran" has multiple evocations-South Asia, the shared colonial history of South Asian nations, the contribution to English of South Asian languages, the sense of adventure in setting out on a raft, the energy of movement, the turbulence of the oceans."

One thing to keep in mind is that every good raft might need a sail! Hey, I had to throw a raft in here somewhere! For fun I also wrote a catamaran story some time ago.
  • Caribbean Compass
When you live near cool-sailing waters, the warmer waters of the Caribbean are quite tempting. Caribbean Compass Magazine will make you feel like you're there, even if you're not!

Yacht Sail Magazines, Yachting
  • Yachting Monthly
Yachting Monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats - whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further afield in blue waters.
  • Yacht World
Yacht World Magazine, or Yachting World is the worlds oldest sailing magazine. Their magazine coverage includes blue water cruising, global sailing epics, international yacht racing, superyachting, international events and charters. PassageMaker, a trawler magazine has their boat sales search powered by Yacht World.
  • Super Yacht World, also known as SuperYacht World
SuperYacht World Magazine is the International magazine for superyachts of distinction! In addition to subscribing to their magazine you can sloop snoop through their gallery of super yacht photos, which are truly luxurious.
  • Yacht Practical Sailor
Practical Sailor Magazine features articles, reviews, books, tools, techniques and more. Time to set sail!
  • Sailing Catamaran
Established in 1989, the Catamaran Company offers their sailing catamaran magazine, called Multihulls.
At the time of this writing, they even offer one free magazine to get you acquainted with their sailing catamaran magazine!

Wooden Boat Magazine, Wooden Boat Magazine Classified
  • Wooden Boat Publications
For everything you wood would need to know about wooden boats, wooden sail boats,  antique boats, or antique wooden boats, this wooden boat magazine online is a great resource. Love Chris Craft? You'll also find Chris Craft wooden boats for sale, wooden boat plans, and wooden boat construction plans.