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Great Tea Clippers Speed Machines History

History presents us with great clipper ship adventures. They sped through the waters to deliver the goods, and win the race against time. Fierce trade winds drove their sails as they clipped the forceful waves.

"They were fast and sleek and 150 years ago the great tea clippers ruled the waves. Battling the elements, they raced to deliver their valuable cargo from China to the fashionable tea drinking sets in London."

Clipper Ship Old Spice Game

Clipper ships carried spices, teas, wool, and other goods worth trading and selling, and became the inspiration for many merchants, thus one day Old Spice was born. Known for it's clipper ship logo, they now have a clipper ship card game. The players travel aboard the legendary, Old Spice clipper ship.

The Old Spice clipper ship game will surely get your scents senses moving. Gotta love those old clipper ships!

Clipper Ship Mary Rose Sunken Treasure

Clipper ships represent design and craftsmanship respected by all. Adding to the respect for their craftsmanship, comes fascination over the rebirth of a clipper ship when it's recovered from the depths of the sea. Suddenly, a clipper ship then becomes known as 'sunken treasure', and a new curiosity evolves around the clipper ship.

The clipper ship Mary Rose, captivates sunken treasure enthusiasts as she reveals her secrets, which were hidden beneath the sea for more than 450 years from the Tudor era, and discovered 20 years ago. Gold coins, cannons intact within the barrels, and the contents of sailors pockets are only a few examples of artifacts recovered from the Mary Rose. The collection of over 20,000 items from the ship will be in museum display in 2012, and represents over 28,000 dives to recover her treasures. Enjoy exploring the Mary Rose's sunken treasure, and you may also wish to explore the clipper ship Stad Amsterdam before you sail off from here!

Adventuress is Sailing through Restoration

As they say, "Good things take time!" and it certainly is true with a time-consuming project of restoring a sailing vessel like the Adventuress! Haven Boat Works in Port Townsend, Washington is busy preparing the luxury schooner Adventuress, for the 2010 sailing season. When it comes to restoring a vessel of this size, many volunteers have also contributed endless hours to prepare her for the first day back out to sea. But this restoration adventure isn't just that! They're preparing for the Adventuress' 100 year birthday!

Did you know you can enter to win a free sailing excursion upon the Adventuress? If you want to enter you'll need to quickly! Otherwise, you may miss out on a terrific opportunity!

Star Clipper Tall Ship Cruises

When most people think of a cruise, they probably don't consider the awesome opportunity to sail in a tall clipper ship. With Star Clippers you can sail to hidden places in the Caribbean or Far East destinations that are not over-populated by tourists. If being pampered in a casual setting is a type of sailing experience you can take advantage of, then sail into this video featuring the Star Clipper cruises. Bon voyage!

Clipper Ship Stad Amsterdam at Sea

Sometimes life itself can be much like rough seas! Such has been the case for mine in recent months and the reason why you have not seen many new posts recently! Yes, I will certainly survive the turmoil, and I'm looking forward to the days of calmer seas of life once again.

In the meantime, I find the grace of a clipper ship at sea to be quite relaxing for the soul, and I'm sure many of you feel the same as I - otherwise you wouldn't be sailing on over to Tall Sails Adventure!

Today I bring to you the grace of the Stad Amsterdam as she sails to take your cares of life away to sea. From blue skies to sunset her grace will relax you as you watch. And, for those of you who appreciate the decorative details of the clipper ships, you'll even get a glimpse of the mermaid at the bow. Relax and enjoy a few minutes at sea with the Stad Amsterdam.

Tall Ships Victoria Maritime Festival

The Tall Ships Victoria Maritime Festival in the British Columbia area would be an event not to miss! Included in the fleet of tall clipper ships attending the event is the Lady Washington, the Hawaiian Chieftain, the Pacific Grace and many others.

The Tall Ships Victoria Maritime Festival would be a wonderful place to take your kids so they can develop enthusiasm and respect for the wonderful clipper ships from a bygone era.

Lady Washington our State Ship

There are many great clipper ships and clipper ship replicas to talk about, but I couldn't in my right conscience forget the Lady Washington! After all, she has been declared the official ship of the State of Washington -- my home state! :-)

The original Lady Washington was the first American ship to visit Hong Kong, Honolulu and Japan. A full reproduction of the original built in the 1750's, the new Lady Washington was launched in 1989.

Many of you may not know that the Lady Washington was the star of the show for the Pirates of the Caribbean! She was the Black Pearl - of course, but that was not her first appearance in movies. Be sure to sail on over and read about the Lady Washington!

Lady Washington in Agate Pass

Lights Out in the Clipper City

Tall clipper sailing ships require a high degree of maintenance. Unfortunately that leads to the need for significant funds to keep a tall sailing ship afloat.

The Clipper City, which was built in 1985 is a replica of a ship that carried lumber to ports of the East Coast in the 19th century. The famous 158-foot long, two-masted schooner is now in need of repairs and can no longer sail -- so for now it's lights out in the Clipper City! :-( (Update: Things have changed since this original writing. Check out the Clipper City now!)

In her normal routine, the Clipper City was providing residents and tourists of Baltimore with the wonderful cruise experience of sailing under tall sails.

Hopefully the Clipper City will return to Baltimore, but the future of the clipper ship is not yet known as it is currently owned by a bank and is up for sail sale.

We wish the best to the Clipper City as a proud and tall sailing clipper ship!

One Man Sailing Back Through Time

It's always interesting to learn how someone became fascinated with the grace and strength of the old clipper ships. In "Sailing Back Through Time" Kent recalls how he as a 7 year old was influenced by his experience to grow fond of the wonderful tall sailing ships.

From his experience of growing up on the East Coast, and as he now resides in Chesapeake Bay, I'm sure you will find "Sailing Back Through Time" interesting.

As you depart here to read Kent's story I'll say "bon voyage" for now, but we hope you will sail back to Tall Sails Adventure again soon!

Correction: It's actually called, "Sailing Back in Time", but it's still the same great sailing story!

Cutty Sark Clipper Fire!

In late May, tragedy struck the British Cutty Sark clipper ship as it was destroyed by fire. A 19th century merchant ship, the Cutty Sark was the last vessel of its kind from that era.

The Cutty Sark was undergoing a complete renovation when the fire broke out. Due to this fact it was fortunate that some of the historic parts of the clipper ship were not in the fire, and they were well preserved. Fortunately, the ship's bow and stern is also intact. The video provides the details and footage of the terrible fire.

Fantasy Clipper Ship Sailing Vacations

Like some of my other readers, you may wonder what sparked my interest in creating this blog. My response would be to first direct you to my about page, which reveals that my interest to create this blog came after attending the Tall Ships Maritime Festival.

To me a tall clipper sailing ship is really a fantasy-like sailing ship as they are graced with artistic qualities, and it seems the more sails the ship has, the greater the attraction. Vacations in such a vessel are hard to come by simply because of the expense to pursue such an adventure. Often too those sailing adventures take place in the warmer seas such as the Caribbean, which in itself is a fantasy compared to the cold waters of the Puget Sound in my geographical turf.

There's just something about a fantasy clipper ship sailing vacation that can quickly take ones senses to a place of relaxation, and if one doesn't have the opportunity to actually experience it, then a fantasy is the next best trip to take.

Faced with reality each day, one needs to mentally get away from our normal viewpoint, and consider the finer things in life. Experiencing such an encounter provides the opportunity to see life from a different perspective, which is refreshing and mentally healthy!

Please excuse me now as I sail off in a clipper ship to experience the warmer waters of my Caribbean fantasy sailing vacation to search for buried pirates treasure. Arr!

Ghost Ship Adventure

In 1841 a tall whaling ship set out for the high seas. Her sails were battered in the gusts of wind as she gracefully sailed to each destination. If only those prevailing winds could have foretold the future of the ship! In that time so long ago, no one knew the ship would one day capture the curiosity of men, woman and children wanting to solve a ghostly mystery.

A mysterious ghost story lies within the mist of the sea for those who go aboard the Charles W. Morgan as she rests in the seaport of Mystic, Connecticut. Individuals who tour the boat report seeing a man below deck dressed in 19th-century clothing and smoking a pipe.

There have been numerous sightings of the man, yet each time when he is seen there wasn't anyone assigned below deck. Finally after many have reported seeing the man there was a paranormal investigation to determine the validity of the reports.

For more ghostly information about the old whaling ship you will have to either go to the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum, or travel quickly across the sea of the Internet. Happy sailing, and don't trip over the foot of the man working below deck!

The Mayflower

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It's difficult to imagine the hardship and trials endured by all who sailed the high seas in the Mayflower. As hundreds of years have gone by still today we are amazed by the Mayflowers journey.

About Tall Sails Adventure

Ahoy sailors! You have found a place to explore tall sailing ships under the sails of the sun. We know you will enjoy your stay as you discover fun things surrounding pirate tales, Tall Ships, and just good plain fun. Imagine that you're taking a sailing vacation off to another land and you just arrived at your destination. We hope you enjoy this adventure you found within the big sea of the Internet. Enjoy your trip at sea!

When we learned that the Tall Ships Maritime Festival was sailing into Tacoma, WA near our home town in 2005, it seemed only natural to grab a sailor to enjoy the spectacular day at the waters edge. The first sailor to come to mind was of course none other than my father, George Fosberg.

Shown below is my father along with three crewmen from the Navy of Mexico aboard the "Cuauhtemoc". The photo below was one of my favorites from our Tall Ships adventure as we toured the Cuauhtemoc. I asked the three crew members if they would pose with my father, and without hesitation the one to the right of my father quickly grabbed my fathers hat, and placed his Navy of Mexico hat upon my father! My father was taken by surprise, but then quickly burst into laughter. As we laughed I quickly shot the photo to capture their smiles. Although the photo doesn't show the details of the emblem on my fathers hat very well, it is a US Navy Veteran cap. My father wears his cap proudly everywhere he goes. He guards his hat well, so you can imagine how surprised he was that someone was able to get it away from him! And, my father of course would not have left without his Navy Veteran cap! That's why the caption on the photo reads; "Trading Hats."

In Loving Memory of Dad: 1923-2017

Born in 1923, my father took the steps of a hero as he entered the US Navy on August 9th, 1943. A bright young man and unafraid, he proudly fought for our freedom during WW II. He served his time at sea as a Motor Machinist Mate, and along with his fellow crewmen they assured the Captain that the ships diesel engines would not fail.

Aboard the USS LCI (L) 569 Landing Craft Infantry, he not only fought a battle for our freedom, but also a war against waves that were determined to destroy their ship during ferocious storms. They courageously came face to face with war, and the storms in the Asiatic-Pacific theatre. Miraculously, the crew and the ship survived, and he returned home honored with three medals: The American Campaign Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal.


In honor of my father, and to encourage him to share his Navy war-time experience, it is my hope this blog will serve as an inspiration for him to do so. Okay Dad, you already wrote a ships log on your computer; all you need to do is add a letter B to turn your ships log into a blog! HERE'S to YOU DAD! May this be an inspiration for you to share your memories while serving our country in war-time. We're very proud of you! We love you and Mom with all our hearts, and we thank you for fighting for our freedom!