Fantasy Clipper Ship Sailing Vacations

Like some of my other readers, you may wonder what sparked my interest in creating this blog. My response would be to first direct you to my about page, which reveals that my interest to create this blog came after attending the Tall Ships Maritime Festival.

To me a tall clipper sailing ship is really a fantasy-like sailing ship as they are graced with artistic qualities, and it seems the more sails the ship has, the greater the attraction. Vacations in such a vessel are hard to come by simply because of the expense to pursue such an adventure. Often too those sailing adventures take place in the warmer seas such as the Caribbean, which in itself is a fantasy compared to the cold waters of the Puget Sound in my geographical turf.

There's just something about a fantasy clipper ship sailing vacation that can quickly take ones senses to a place of relaxation, and if one doesn't have the opportunity to actually experience it, then a fantasy is the next best trip to take.

Faced with reality each day, one needs to mentally get away from our normal viewpoint, and consider the finer things in life. Experiencing such an encounter provides the opportunity to see life from a different perspective, which is refreshing and mentally healthy!

Please excuse me now as I sail off in a clipper ship to experience the warmer waters of my Caribbean fantasy sailing vacation to search for buried pirates treasure. Arr!