Sailing Trip Planner

Planning a trip or sailing vacation can be a great deal of work. Once all the plans are completed you can end up having so much work into it that you'll need a vacation just to relax after all the planning - lol!

Here's an opportunity to assist you with your travel plans for your next sailing trip. Not only could this be a big time saver, but I imagine you would end up with much better plans in place for your sailing vacation by making use of a trip planner.

Here's a list of some things you can accomplish by using the trip planner: You can build your itinerary, save your travel research in one place, plus even share your plans with other people interested in traveling!

It's a great money saving and organized approach to planning a trip without having to hire a travel agent or traveling guru, by simply making use of some checklists. Here are some sites to sail to so you can put together a trip planner, and some trip checklists.

Sailing Schools
Be prepared with a proper sailing education for yourself. Keep in mind if you were to become injured or ill you may need another person to operate your sailboat. You may want to be sure that at least one of your other passengers knows how to operate your sailboat, so sail on over to a sailing school to get that person educated before you go.

Marinas Directory and Checklist
Provides you with the marina information for a wide range of marinas within the USA, Canada, as well as European marinas. Their checklist provides some guidance with things to consider about marinas.

Tropical Sailing Vacation List
If you're ready to get drenched by the sun, plan a sailing trip in the tropics!

Safe Sailing for Dummies
Provides a great checklist for the newbie sailor, and also good for the experienced sailor that may need some reminders before they set sail.

Sailing Checklist
Basic, yet also a thorough list for your sailing plans. Their list is divided into three groups: Equipment checklist, departure checklist and an arrival checklist.

Ideas for the Kids:

While making your sailing trip plans, if children will be traveling with you don't forget to pack appropriate gear and items to keep them entertained. You might want to pack sailing or pirate board games to keep them out of trouble. Another fun idea to keep them entertained is to supply them with pirate attire and pirate costumes! Arrr!

I hope that information provides you with some great resources for your sailing trip so you can create a sailing planner. If those resources are of help to you, please comment here to let me know. Happy sailing!

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