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Pirates of Sea of Thieves in Cursed Sails

Arrr... The Sea of Thieves, with bad to the bone-rattling pirates are ready to set sail into the ocean blue! As they prepare for battle against anyone who would resist their destruction, the men cowardly hide!

And, if that weren't enough, a new free 'cursed sails' update has come to the Sea of Thieves! With cursed cannonballs, the doubled-sail Brigantine, and alliances to tackle the skeleton crews! Share your gold, but beware of mutany! Hoarding the gold could prove to drive your ship down! Arrr!

Whydah Pirate Ship Treasure Recovery

In February 1717 the Whydah and her cargo was captured by pirates led by "Black Sam" Bellamy. Pirate Bellamy then claimed the Whydah as his flagship.

On April 26, 1717 during the Whydah's second journey, she fought a fierce storm, but lost her battle against the raging storm at sea. The ship wrecked ashore at Wellfleet, MA and tons of silver, gold and other treasures from the ship were lost.

The ship wreck was located in 1984 and the Whydah is the first authenticated pirate ship in the world. The recovered gally bell is clearly marked as belonging to the Whydah, which has been the authenticating factor determining the wreck to be that of the Whydah.

Although the ships bell has been recovered, a vast amount of the Whydah's ship wreck treasure and artifacts are still lost at sea. The artifacts of the Whydah cover an estimated area of 40,000 square feet of sea floor. Arrr!

Pirate Treasure Hunt with Lego Pirates

Pirate fantasy treasure hunts are fun for all ages and this is one pirate treasure hunt your kids will really enjoy. In less than five minutes your kids will see the golden treasure trunk unburied and glowing with pure gold! On the other hand, as adults it's fun for us too! Arrr!

Pirates Treasure Cache

A treasure cache may seem to be a new idea, but if pirates of old lived today they would be the first to remind us that they were the masters of treasure caches, and vast ones at that!

Imagine the thrill of going on a treasure hunt and discovering a cache of treasure long lost at sea. Old trunks and chests filled with gems and golden coins, would await you to uncover their mystery!

That is of course the lure and mystery of a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts bring out the kid in all of us, and would certainly compel one to seek the treasure if given a map and clues to locate the cache.

Arrr....What are you waiting for? It's time to go on a fun treasure hunt! Just be sure to share your new-found treasures!

Puzzling Pirates Treasure

The lure of pirates and their treasure is loved by kids of all ages, including those of us that never grew up! To seek pirates treasure would be like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. First you would need to acquire their infamous treasure map, and then go on a hunt to find their buried treasure!

Naturally the odds of ever having such an experience are nearly zero, so one has to create other ways to experience the fantasy treasure hunt! Pirate tales, costumes and now even pirate puzzles have become popular.

Look! There's a pirate now! He's pointing to something. Could it be his treasure? You'll have to see the rest of the pirates puzzle to find what he is pointing to! Arr!

Pirate Box for Treasures

There are seafaring stories from long ago about the treasure troves from pirates plundering, and how they overflowed fine treasure chests, old trunks, and other containers. Perhaps most of the stories are fabricated from our own imaginations and worldly desires to behold such a treasure trove!

As we envision those treasure chests and our imaginations run wild, do you suppose there could be other types of containers in modern day that would please the pirates of the old seafaring days? What about smaller containers to hold tiny treasures? Pirates could not have possibly always had big trunks and containers to lug around! Surely they must have had smaller containers to fill with their worldly prized possessions!

The next point to ponder is in regards to the female pirates! Although they tried to intimidate others with their rough appearance, they most certainly could not have lugged around a big trunk or treasure chest, so what would they have used?

Large trunks and treasure chests would have been too massive to hold the tiny, yet finer treasures such as gold nuggets, fine gems, and gemstone jewelry such as rings. For tiny treasures a pirate box may be made from unexpected materials, and actually not a box at all, but function much like one.

Our imaginations can run wild as we envision treasure overflowing from an old trunk, but don't forget the need for a pirate box for the smaller, yet finer treasures!

Pirates Dinner & Other Disney Adventures

It's time to plan those family vacations! Have you taken your family to Disney? Florida is a wonderful place to go sailing and you can have quite a bit of fun with Pirate Adventures there too!

When planning your vacation to Orlando, a difficult decision in your planning process are the endless possibilities for admission tickets. One thing to consider is the fact that Disney tickets are now available for different days and options, from one to ten days for what is called, "Disney Magic Your Way".

To get Disney Magic Your Way you can choose what would suit your family the best. You won't want to forget to get tickets for Sea World, downtown Disney Pleasure Island, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach Water Parks! For night-time fun, dinner shows in Orlando are very popular.

The Pirates Dinner Adventure may suit your fancy as you are surrounded with the pirate decor, attire and pirate fantasy. I've always liked pirate attire, and who can resist an adventure of treasure? The Pirates Dinner Adventure is musical entertainment filled with stunts and tons of food for a pirates big appetite!

So if you're ready for that pirate adventure or other things Disney, grab your Disney World tickets and get your trip planned. Arr!

Pirates Treasure Cross Bones Padlock?

Now here's something you don't see every day! Wow, this is a very unusual antique treasure, which I saw up for auction on Ebay. I wasn't the winner of this cross bones padlock, in fact I didn't even bid on it, but I found it to be quite interesting.

This is a padlock manufactured by the National Hardware Company, as indicated by the initials on the reverse, which dates it to circa 1890's. Truly a unique treasure, and one that you would have to assume was manufactured for pirates?

Now matey, your imagination can run wild on this one! Imagine the treasure chest this large 2 1/2" X 3 1/4" padlock kept hidden away! Arr! Could it be that it is indeed a pirates cross bones padlock lost long ago? If so, who found the treasure chest it belonged to, and who ended up with the treasures within? Or, was there even a treasure chest? Well Bucko, you get to decide whichever story your imagination prefers, as the truth may never be known! I love a good mystery!

The seller on Ebay purchased the pirate padlock from an estate sale in Waitsfield, Vermont. The Ebay auction for the antique pirate padlock was started at $9.99 and closed for $330.09 with 23 bids from 6 different bidders. The photos were taken by the Ebay seller, and used with his permission - Ebay Seller: Ski-vt. Thanks David!

Captain Big Beard and the Time Looters

Have fun with this far fetched fun pirate story for all ages. Time Looters will loot 10 minutes of your time to locate the dirty tea towel pirate map and hidden treasure. So sit back and relax and have a good laugh as you travel back in time to visit Captain Big Beard.

Watch both parts to the Pirate Captain Big Beard story.

Tall Ships and Pirates Plunder

For those of you who have fun with pirate stories, pirate treasure, their clipper ships, and pirate attire, I guess you can never get enough of it. The attraction to pirates for me is all of the above, but in reality there wasn't any such thing as a "nice" pirate, so we could certainly do without that part as they were brutal terrorists. None the less the history of their treasure plundering is interesting for those of us that enjoy high seas adventures.

Most likely the biggest lure of pirates stories is portrayed in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest, and the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl. The imaginary taste of the salt air combined with the eccentric attire of their costumes takes us back to pirate days as we imagine we are sailing upon their tall sailing ships to head off to new territory at sea.

It's tough competition to compare other pirate costumes to what Hollywood and Johnny Depp can flaunt, but it's still fun to see other pirate attire. They aren't from Hollywood, but these pirates all dressed up are a fun example of old time pirate fashion and attire.

Theses photo's are from our adventure at the Tall Ships of Tacoma in 2005. The man you see in the blue coat with the pirates is my father, and the photos with the pirates topped off our day as we proceeded to exit the Tall Ships Maritime Festival. Arrr! Enjoy the photo's!

Surrendering Plunder to the Pirates

Hmmm, I didn't know pirates rode bicycles. Hey, where's the pirate's sailing ship?

True Story of Captain Kidd

Who was Captain Kidd? A pirate? Or, was he really a hunter of pirates? An interesting book is "The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd." The author of this book Richard Zacks, spent over three years researching The Pirate Hunter, including months at the Public Record Office in London. What is quite fascinating is his research resulted in locating a pirate prisoner's long-lost diary. With his research Richard Zacks reveals who the real Captain Kidd was. According to the findings of Richard Zacks, Captain Kidd was not the ruthless buccaneer that most have been led to believe.

Dozens of treasure chests were buried along the eastern seaboard by Captain Kidd; or at least that was what the old stories of time presented to us. But was that really true? Was Captain Kidd a pirate or pirate hunter? You decide!

Pirates Plunder

Today we took a trip up to the big city of Seattle. The weather was sunny and the water of Puget Sound was bright and inviting, but ever so cold if you were to place a toe into the water, which we did not venture to do. The view of the Olympic Mountains was spectacular, but our focus wasn't on the mountain range as our tummies were crying out for some Ivars Fish and Chips.

It took some time to find a place to park, and finally a space opened up to park for free, which is a rare find along the waterfront in Seattle. Low and behold, we were parked directly across the street from Pirates Plunder! Now you're probably thinking we stumbled upon a treasure chest, but not so me hearties! But indeed there was treasure inside Pirates Plunder, which is a gift shop on Pier 57. They have a large treasure chest filled with all sorts of wonderful gem colored goodies and fake gold for the kids, all of which you can purchase by the pound to fill your own treasure chest at home!

If you ever need to stock up on Pirates costumes and the like, then Pirates Plunder is just one place you might want to stop if you take a trip to the Seattle area. If you don't foresee a time when you'll be coming to Seattle then you can take a stop at their pirates web store.

Well me friends, we must hoist up the main sail and head for home now! We hope you enjoyed your visit here today.

Free Computer Game Online - Pirates & Sailing

Ahoy friends! Are you lookin' fer something to do fer some good plain fun? How bout spending some of der time sailing round with an online sailing simulator, or hunt down some pirates? Have fun playing these pirate and sailing games. Now just so you know we don't want to tell any tall tales, so keep in mind that some of these games are free pirate and sailing games, and some of the games provide a short free trial or demo. Arrr... now be sure to keep der ship on course! Ahoy Captain! Thar she blows! Let the treasure hunt begin!

Captain Kidd's Treasure Box

In the late spring or early summer of 1699 Captain Kidd's sloop sailed into the mouth of the Delaware Bay and changed the whole fortune of his life. The famous Captain Kidd had a treasure box, which contained log books with information about him. Captain Kidd's treasure box was uncovered by Tom Chist and Parson Jones. It was the belief that those log books did more to get Captain Kidd arrested in Boston town and hanged in London than anything else that was brought up against him.

The excerpt below is the story of what it was like to uncover the buried treasure box! Fer as you read you just may want to have a little something to munch on as you discover the buried treasure story below.

Parson Jones himself leaped down into the hole, and began scraping away the sand with his hands as though he had gone crazy. At last, with some difficulty, they tugged and hauled the chest up out of the sand to the surface, where it lay covered all over with the grit that clung to it.

It was securely locked and fastened with a padlock, and it took a good many blows with the blade of the spade to burst the bolt. Parson Jones himself lifted the lid.

Tom Chist leaned forward and gazed down into the open box. He would not have been surprised to have seen it filled full of yellow gold and bright jewels. It was filled half full of books and papers, and half full of canvas bags tied safely and securely around and around with cords of string.

Parson Jones lifted out one of the bags, and it jingled as he did so. It was full of money. He cut the string, and with trembling, shaking hands handed the bag to Tom, who, in an ecstasy of wonder and dizzy with delight, poured out with swimming sight upon the coat spread on the ground a cataract of shining silver money that rang and twinkled and jingled as it fell in a shining heap upon the coarse cloth.

Parson Jones held up both hands into the air, and Tom stared at what he saw, wondering whether it was all so, and whether he was really awake. It seemed to him as though he was in a dream.

There were two-and-twenty bags in all in the chest: ten of them full of silver money, eight of them full of gold money, three of them full of gold-dust, and one small bag with jewels wrapped up in wad cotton and paper. "'Tis enough," cried out Parson Jones, "to make us both rich men as long as we live."

The burning summer sun, though sloping in the sky, beat down upon them as hot as fire; but neither of them noticed it. Neither did they notice hunger nor thirst nor fatigue, but sat there as though in a trance, with the bags of money scattered on the sand around them, a great pile of money heaped upon the coat, and the open chest beside them. It was an hour of sundown before Parson Jones had begun fairly to examine the books and papers in the chest.

Of the three books, two were evidently log-books of the pirates who had been lying off the mouth of the Delaware Bay all this time. The other book was written in Spanish, and was evidently the log-book of some captured prize.

It was then, sitting there upon the sand, the good old gentleman reading in his high, cracking voice, that they first learned from the bloody records in those two books who it was who had been lying inside the Cape all this time, and that it was the famous Captain Kidd. Every now and then the reverend gentleman would stop to exclaim, "Oh, the bloody wretch!" or, "Oh, the desperate, cruel villains!" and then would go on reading again a scrap here and a scrap there.

And all the while Tom Chist sat and listened, every now and then reaching out furtively and touching the heap of money still lying upon the coat.

One might be inclined to wonder why Captain Kidd had kept those bloody records. He had probably laid them away because they so incriminated many of the great people of the colony of New York that, with the books in evidence, it would have been impossible to bring the pirate to justice without dragging a dozen or more fine gentlemen into the dock along with him. If he could have kept them in his own possession they would doubtless have been a great weapon of defense to protect him from the gallows. Indeed, when Captain Kidd was finally brought to conviction and hung, he was not accused of his piracies, but of striking a mutinous seaman upon the head with a bucket and accidentally killing him. The authorities did not dare try him for piracy. He was really hung because he was a pirate, and we know that it was the log books that Tom Chist brought to New York that did the business for him; he was accused and convicted of manslaughter for killing of his own ship carpenter with a bucket.

By Howard Pyle
1853 - 1911

Well me friends we hope you enjoyed the story about Captain Kidds' Treasure Box. Did your imagination run wild? Pirate tales of long ago are such good adventures. If you need your fill of more pirate stories, be sure to read a review about Captain Hook over at Great Reads! There me friends you can once again be lost in your pirate fantasies. Arrr!