Pirates Dinner & Other Disney Adventures

It's time to plan those family vacations! Have you taken your family to Disney? Florida is a wonderful place to go sailing and you can have quite a bit of fun with Pirate Adventures there too!

When planning your vacation to Orlando, a difficult decision in your planning process are the endless possibilities for admission tickets. One thing to consider is the fact that Disney tickets are now available for different days and options, from one to ten days for what is called, "Disney Magic Your Way".

To get Disney Magic Your Way you can choose what would suit your family the best. You won't want to forget to get tickets for Sea World, downtown Disney Pleasure Island, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach Water Parks! For night-time fun, dinner shows in Orlando are very popular.

The Pirates Dinner Adventure may suit your fancy as you are surrounded with the pirate decor, attire and pirate fantasy. I've always liked pirate attire, and who can resist an adventure of treasure? The Pirates Dinner Adventure is musical entertainment filled with stunts and tons of food for a pirates big appetite!

So if you're ready for that pirate adventure or other things Disney, grab your Disney World tickets and get your trip planned. Arr!


Digital Nomad said...

Arrgghh Matey,

I used to go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands during Pirate Week.

This is their National Holiday. It's plain crazy. Islanders set up road blocks and stop you dressed up like pirates. One year we got invited by locals to eat a 500 pound shark at a beach party in West End.

Tammara Nelson said...

Avast Matey!

Hopefully there were no real pirates hiding in their midst! Sounds like a wild event! Not sure I would want to nibble on a shark though!

Years ago I dressed up like a pirate on Halloween for my employers lunch party. It was quite a bit of fun, but I never got a copy of the picture that was taken of me. :(

The employer took us all out to a nice restaurant for lunch and I threatened to plunder their silver, matey!