True Story of Captain Kidd

Who was Captain Kidd? A pirate? Or, was he really a hunter of pirates? An interesting book is "The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd." The author of this book Richard Zacks, spent over three years researching The Pirate Hunter, including months at the Public Record Office in London. What is quite fascinating is his research resulted in locating a pirate prisoner's long-lost diary. With his research Richard Zacks reveals who the real Captain Kidd was. According to the findings of Richard Zacks, Captain Kidd was not the ruthless buccaneer that most have been led to believe.

Dozens of treasure chests were buried along the eastern seaboard by Captain Kidd; or at least that was what the old stories of time presented to us. But was that really true? Was Captain Kidd a pirate or pirate hunter? You decide!