Pirates Plunder

Today we took a trip up to the big city of Seattle. The weather was sunny and the water of Puget Sound was bright and inviting, but ever so cold if you were to place a toe into the water, which we did not venture to do. The view of the Olympic Mountains was spectacular, but our focus wasn't on the mountain range as our tummies were crying out for some Ivars Fish and Chips.

It took some time to find a place to park, and finally a space opened up to park for free, which is a rare find along the waterfront in Seattle. Low and behold, we were parked directly across the street from Pirates Plunder! Now you're probably thinking we stumbled upon a treasure chest, but not so me hearties! But indeed there was treasure inside Pirates Plunder, which is a gift shop on Pier 57. They have a large treasure chest filled with all sorts of wonderful gem colored goodies and fake gold for the kids, all of which you can purchase by the pound to fill your own treasure chest at home!

If you ever need to stock up on Pirates costumes and the like, then Pirates Plunder is just one place you might want to stop if you take a trip to the Seattle area. If you don't foresee a time when you'll be coming to Seattle then you can take a stop at their pirates web store.

Well me friends, we must hoist up the main sail and head for home now! We hope you enjoyed your visit here today.