Pirate Box for Treasures

There are seafaring stories from long ago about the treasure troves from pirates plundering, and how they overflowed fine treasure chests, old trunks, and other containers. Perhaps most of the stories are fabricated from our own imaginations and worldly desires to behold such a treasure trove!

As we envision those treasure chests and our imaginations run wild, do you suppose there could be other types of containers in modern day that would please the pirates of the old seafaring days? What about smaller containers to hold tiny treasures? Pirates could not have possibly always had big trunks and containers to lug around! Surely they must have had smaller containers to fill with their worldly prized possessions!

The next point to ponder is in regards to the female pirates! Although they tried to intimidate others with their rough appearance, they most certainly could not have lugged around a big trunk or treasure chest, so what would they have used?

Large trunks and treasure chests would have been too massive to hold the tiny, yet finer treasures such as gold nuggets, fine gems, and gemstone jewelry such as rings. For tiny treasures a pirate box may be made from unexpected materials, and actually not a box at all, but function much like one.

Our imaginations can run wild as we envision treasure overflowing from an old trunk, but don't forget the need for a pirate box for the smaller, yet finer treasures!