1984 Ship Events

Ships launched in 1984...

August 31, 1984

The first ship launched was the USS Simpson (FFG56) an Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigate of the United States Navy, named for Rear Admiral Rodger W. Simpson. While fighting for our freedom, the Simpson is one of only two currently commissioned vessels in the U.S. Navy to have sunk an enemy ship with her shipboard weaponry, and her home port is NS Mayport, Florida.

October 27, 1984

The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) was known affectionately as the Big Stick or TR, and her home port is in NS Norfolk. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is the fourth Nimitz-class super carrier. The USS Theodore Roosevelt was deployed for Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm.

Sometimes we take our freedom for granted and need to be reminded of what it takes to fight for our freedom from the land, air and sea. Plain and simple, the year - 1984. There were four ships launched that year. Why do I pick 1984? Because my post has been inspired by a group Blog Challenge, and I'm an addict to their challenges so here's my post! In 1984 there were four ships launched, but I'm going to feature two of those four ships launched in 1984 because these two are US Navy ships.