Sailboats Origami for a Nautical Party

When I grew up we of course learned how to fold a paper airplane. Like the other kids, I tried to fold a good design to make it fly good, but often ended in disappointment. If you enjoyed folding paper planes, what about origami paper sailboats?

Here's a fun idea if you're planning a nautical themed party. Stock up on some fun decorative papers, colored pens, crayons or other ways to design a paper origami sailboat! I think every kid has learned how to fold a paper plane, but what about a paper origami sailboat? I never learned to fold an origami sailboat when I was a kid! Did you?

Watch the video below to learn how to quickly fold an origami sailboat, and then have the guests of your nautical themed party build their own. Just in case the video is not your preferred method to learn, there's also a good written description on how to build a paper origami sailboat.

While some of your guests attending your nautical themed party may not be into sailing, perhaps they would love to build a paper sea plane or your traditional paper plane. Your kids can also learn how to do a paper airplane to fly over to your origami sailboat!

Either way, origami can be a fun thing to do at a party and especially if the origami fits the theme of your party such as a nautical one.