Clipper Ship Mary Rose Sunken Treasure

Clipper ships represent design and craftsmanship respected by all. Adding to the respect for their craftsmanship, comes fascination over the rebirth of a clipper ship when it's recovered from the depths of the sea.

Suddenly, a clipper ship then becomes known as 'sunken treasure', and a new curiosity will evolve around the clipper ship.

The clipper ship Mary Rose, captivates sunken treasure enthusiasts as she reveals her secrets, which were hidden beneath the sea for more than 450 years from the Tudor era, and discovered 20 years ago.

Gold coins, cannons intact within the barrels, and the contents of sailors pockets are only a few examples of artifacts recovered from the Mary Rose.

The collection of over 20,000 items from the ship will be in museum display in 2012, and represents over 28,000 dives to recover her treasures.

Enjoy exploring the Mary Rose's sunken treasure, and you may also wish to explore the clipper ship Stad Amsterdam before you sail off from here!