Lights Out in the Clipper City

Tall clipper sailing ships require a high degree of maintenance. Unfortunately that leads to the need for significant funds to keep a tall sailing ship afloat.

The Clipper City, which was built in 1985 is a replica of a ship that carried lumber to ports of the East Coast in the 19th century. The famous 158-foot long, two-masted schooner is now in need of repairs and can no longer sail -- so for now it's lights out in the Clipper City! :-( (Update: Things have changed since this original writing. Check out the Clipper City now!)

In her normal routine, the Clipper City was providing residents and tourists of Baltimore with the wonderful cruise experience of sailing under tall sails.

Hopefully the Clipper City will return to Baltimore, but the future of the clipper ship is not yet known as it is currently owned by a bank and is up for sail sale.

We wish the best to the Clipper City as a proud and tall sailing clipper ship!