Ghost Ship Adventure

In 1841 a tall whaling ship set out for the high seas. Her sails were battered in the gusts of wind as she gracefully sailed to each destination. If only those prevailing winds could have foretold the future of the ship! In that time so long ago, no one knew the ship would one day capture the curiosity of men, woman and children wanting to solve a ghostly mystery.

A mysterious ghost story lies within the mist of the sea for those who go aboard the Charles W. Morgan as she rests in the seaport of Mystic, Connecticut. Individuals who tour the boat report seeing a man below deck dressed in 19th-century clothing and smoking a pipe.

There have been numerous sightings of the man, yet each time when he is seen there wasn't anyone assigned below deck. Finally after many have reported seeing the man there was a paranormal investigation to determine the validity of the reports.

For more ghostly information about the old whaling ship you will have to either go to the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum, or travel quickly across the sea of the Internet. Happy sailing, and don't trip over the foot of the man working below deck!