Sailing With a Waterproof Camera

Imagine for a moment that you're planning a sailing trip. You're packing your gear and have everything prepared to go, including your camera.

You're excited about the photos you'll capture while on your sailing trip, but wait! Suddenly you realize your camera is not waterproof!

Oh my, that's a disaster waiting to happen - for your camera that is, and for the potential photos you shoot.

What you really need is a waterproof camera, which you could use underwater too! Now imagine again your upcoming sailing trip, and the fun you can have taking photos from the boat deck as the water is splashing up, and not having to worry about the water damaging your waterproof camera!

When it's time to set anchor you could even hop into the water and capture underwater photos to amaze your friends. With a waterproof camera you can add a new adventure to your trip, and who knows, you might even capture an award-winning photo, and much better than the photo I took above!