Pirate Talk

Arr! Today is the official "Talk Like a Pirate Day!" For all you landlubbers who need to brush up on your skills there's many ways to do that.

Talking like a pirate is one thing, but some of you will also want to walk or act like a pirate as well. One step toward talking like a pirate is to learn to recognize pirate sayings or pirate lingo. For the rest of you it may just seem to come natural, and maybe you're like one everyday. That's a scary thought! Argh!


Michael said...

It's funny you would post this today. I watched a thing on the history channel about pirates today.

I love pirates, and think I should have been one. Black Bart Roberts is my favorite hands down. He is credited with looting close to 400 ships. Probably 10 times more than his closest rival.

This cat didn't just hang around the Caribbean either. When thing got slim in the islands, he would sail over to Africa for some pirate fun.


Tammara Nelson said...

Yeah, and silly me nearly forgot it was Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrr!