Sailing Vacation Charters for Your Wedding

Many romantic moments are captured by the sea, and it can become the perfect location for a wedding. Although many have experienced a wedding by the seashore, why not expound on the idea with the bride and groom escaping to the sea for their honeymoon aboard a chartered sailing vessel? Surrounded by the romance of the waves and water, a couple would surely begin their marriage in bliss with a sailing vacation honeymoon.

What are some ideas that could be implemented for the guests of a wedding by the seashore? Let's say you plan to get married in New England. You could serve your guest a fresh traditional seafood clam bake at the beach. To provide for a clam bake, dig a two or three foot deep pit lined with rocks, and build a wood fire top. Or, steam clams and provisions on a stove top and haul them to the beach. Fill buckets with shells and seafood-shaped candies at each table for fun favors. There are many treasures to choose from to do personalized wedding favors in a seashore theme. For example, some items to select from are beach candle favors, favors with dolphins, sea salts and beach candles.

Once the bride and groom are ready to make their escape to sea they could board a beautiful sailing vessel to spend a private honeymoon upon the water. There are plenty of sailing charters to choose from for your romantic get-a-way. Your adventure at sea could even include placing a message in a bottle proclaiming your love and your wedding date, and releasing it into the ocean. Each year thereafter you could go on a quest in search of your bottle with your message. Here's one idea for sailing vacations in the New England area:

Sailing Vacations on the Arabella, Shenandoah, or the Olivia

If you were wanting to plan a sailing vacation wedding, we hope that will inspire you with some ideas to start creating your dream wedding and honeymoon. Bon voyage!