Christmas Ship

Have you ever wondered how the concept of a Christmas ship came to be? Well of course Christmas can be celebrated or decorated anywhere, but did you know that St. Nicholas just may have had something to do with the Christmas ship concept? After all, if anyone came up with the idea certainly it should be inspired by St. Nicholas.

These delightful flights of imagination are the origin of the New Amsterdam St. Nicholas legends: It is said that the first Dutch emigrant ship had a figurehead of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas Day was observed in the colony, and the first church there was dedicated to him, and yes, St. Nicholas went down chimneys to bring gifts! Oh my, I hope they had large chimneys.

So now that we are quickly approaching Christmas, it may be time to think about Christmas Gifts and Gift Baskets. You could even have them custom wrapped for holiday gift baskets to fit any holiday or theme. So, why not a nautical one?

The next time you see a Christmas ship you may now wonder if there was a figurehead of St. Nicholas on the first Dutch emigrant ship! Ahoy sailors! Bring your ship to shore, and get those sails decorated in lights!

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