Sailing Vacations With Beach Cruisers

Planning the ultimate fun-in-the-sun vacation right now sounds very appealing! With temperatures below freezing here in the Pacific Northwest a sailing vacation in the tropics could be quite nice about now. Unfortunately planning what one would really like to do versus actually being able to do it are often two different things in life. However, it never hurts to dream about a warmer climate while sitting in a freezing one!

When you take your next sailing vacation have you thought about what you will do while you are on land? Would it not be fun to take your beach combing experience to a different level? Have you become acquainted with beach cruisers?

Beach cruisers may seem like a fancy name for just a bicycle, but they are better equipped for riding in the sand. If you really wanted to get silly you could hook up a sail to one! Well okay bad idea, so lets leave the sails on the boats in the water, and use wheels when we are on land. So don't forget to leave room for your beach cruisers when you go sailing. Beach cruisers will allow you to have much more fun along the beach, and especially if the beach is rocky and full of barnacles. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have many salt-water beaches that are covered with barnacle-encrusted rocks, and it makes for a dangerous place to walk in flops.

With a beach cruiser you can cover a much larger area along the shores to comb for your favorite shells, or shellfish for your beach picnic. Beach cruisers can be purchased with some pretty wild color combinations. You can actually order them with the fenders in a different color than the frame. What would you choose?

In addition to colors to select from there are specific styles to choose as well. For the real beach cruiser fanatic you might want to order a chopper cruiser! For the lady on your sailing vacation you can select a women's cruiser and then there are of course the ones for the little pirates on your trip too!

You may wonder what style or color of beach cruiser I would pick? Hmm, that's a tough choice! I do however, like fairly wild colors so I would pick a brightly colored one like in a purple tone.

Although they have some neat colors to choose from there seems to be a lack of any graphics to choose from. Or, for the person who really wants a wild beach cruiser color how about a color-changing paint such as a pearl color or chameleon paint? Yes, that is expensive paint, but it could look really cool on the curvy frame of a beach cruiser!

So schedule your warm sailing vacation, pack up your cooler with a great picnic and don't forget the beach cruisers!