Message in a Bottle

I'm sending out an SOS to the world and hope that someone gets my message in the bottle! Oh, I guess you're not looking inside a bottle right now, but instead at my blog! Well, at least I hope you're reading my message in the bottle -- or blog. By the way, would you mind floating this message in a bottle on over to some other people online to read about this?

Do you remember that song, "Message in a Bottle" from the Police? Yes, the police -- but not the kind of dudes who show up at your door wearing badges, uniform and ready to shoot you.

I must say I'm feeling somewhat old these days when I think about how young I was when that song was popular, but we won't get into that. The Police wasn't one of my favorite bands back then, but I did like Message in a Bottle and several other songs they wrote.

It seems the Police are looking to make a comeback, or simply don't want to be forgotten. They just released a double disk Police Cd on June 5th if you want to grab some of those (now old) songs among some newer ones. Plus, if you purchase the double CD you would even get a vintage poster! Yes, of course vintage, because that's how old the Police are and well, we won't talk any more about how vintage I am, but be sure to send off this message in a bottle -- blog. I'm just not sure how you would get a blog post into a bottle?