Sailing On Canvas

One of my favorite waterfront views to look at is that of a small marina with the sailboats. There just seems to be something quaint about a small town marina with the sailboats docked and waiting for their next adventure.

Second best to the real thing are paintings of waterfront scenes and marinas inviting us to a real life adventure. For many of us though, we can only dream of sailing off the canvas of a painting and into high seas.

One of my blogging friends is a creative person able to capture the fun of a sailing adventure on canvas, or in the case of his most recent painting, "oil on board" as he says. Now at first when I saw his newest work of art, the sailboat "oil on board" I thought perhaps he meant "on board" as one would say referring to on board the deck of the sailboat - lol!

Either way, go sail over to Fred Bell's sailboat painting, and then you'll surely want to sail off canvas into high seas as your imagination carries you off the painting. Nice painting Fred!