Maltese Falcon Sailing Yacht

What's 42 feet wide by 289 feet long and cost $130,000,000 to build? That's $130 million dollars in case you thought that was a typo. Tom Perkins creation; the Maltese Falcon of course!

The Maltese Falcon is the first privately owned sailing yacht to use automated sails! Complete with futuristic automated carbon fiber sails soaring nearly 20 stories high, and interior cabins of your dreams, this sailing yacht would be the highlight of any sailing enthusiast - that is if you won't have sticker shock at $130 million! Wowza, now that's one sailing yacht!

If the Maltese Falcon has too big of a sticker price to buy you would only need $450,000 per week to charter the magnificent sailing vessel. OK, I'm still choking, but maybe you're not. Either way, thank you for stopping by here at Tall Sails Adventure. We hope you'll return again soon!