Pirate Costumes, Fashion and Attire

Well me friends, it's time to talk about pirate costumes now that Halloween is approaching. For some, wearing costumes is not about a specific day of the year, but a way of life. Yes, strange as it may seem I understand there are some who dress up for -- well, no occasion at all!

Some things to think about for your pirate costume might require locating a good beard, mustache, pirate hair style, belt, eye patches, or how about a parrot to wear on your shoulder? Arrr! Of course the list does not stop there. You may wish to host a pirate theme party too!

Those are many accessories to consider for a pirate costume, but don't forget the pirate tricorn hat! You may also want to sport a pirate treasure trunk, box, or treasure loot bag to carry with you. Either way, with a pirate costume you'll be prepared year-round to have fun. Just don't forget to buy a stuffed parrot, unless you can sport a real one on your shoulder. Arr! Have fun!