What Sailing Knot to Know - Bowline

First in our series of "What Sailing Knots to Know" is the "Bowline". The bowline knot, aka as the "loop knot" is considered to be the favorite for a yachtsman! It is essential for sailing and was first identified when found on an ancient Egyptian ship during an excavation.

Watching this animation of the bowline knot shows how easy it is to make a bowline knot. Special thanks to Apparent-Wind at the link above for providing the bowline knot image shown here. Be sure to click above to watch their animation of the bowline knot!

One reason the knot is a favorite is because it won't jam, and it's also easy to undue the knot if there is knot not a load on it. Although it generally is considered to be a reliable knot, please note that under some conditions it may not always hold.

We hope you enjoyed the first in our series of "What Sailing Knot to Know" and learned how to do a bowline knot.