Sailing or Fishing in Sekiu?

Normally, we would only be talking about sailing vacations here, but every now and then we just have to squeeze in some fishing - right! If you've ever been to the western tip of Washington State in the Strait of Juan De Fuca, you will find a place that's all about fishing, and you won't see many out there sailing. Sekiu, Washington is all about fishing, and fishing for wonderful salmon! Not far from the San Juan Islands, the Peninsula is a beautiful place to travel.

If you're looking for the ultimate travel destination with 5 star hotels this is NOT the place - lol! No sir, this is a fishing community, and no one seems to care about the places to stay which are for the most part in disrepair!

Several years ago we were invited to go fishing with a friend on his boat in Sekiu. This was my first time deep sea fishing, so I was quite excited, but not so much at the thought of getting up before the birds to catch the big fish! I grew up on a fresh water lake, so fishing I knew, but I had never had the pleasure to experience deep sea fishing or even fishing for salmon! Prior to my trip to Sekiu, Washington the largest fish I ever caught was a 13" cat fish in the lake where I grew up. Nothing compared to deep sea fishing!

When we took our trip we could not have asked for better weather that July. In fact the water was unbelievably calm, with only occasional swells, which was good in that my sea legs were very much out of practice!

The down side of the fishing trip was having to throw so many salmon back! Unfortunately, by law we could only keep the fish raised in the hatcheries, and not the wild ones, but I caught a keeper! Although my husband caught the largest fish on our trip, it had to be thrown back because it was not a hatchery fish, much to our disappointment! :(

I must confess due to my inexperience I had to have some assistance with reeling this one in, but it was worth every minute of it! Be sure to get your fishing and sailing vacations planned soon!

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