Tall Ships Festivals

The Tall Ships of Tacoma in July 2005 provided a great event for people of all ages to enjoy!

If you didn't get the opportunity to attend the festival, it will return to Tacoma, WA in the summer of 2008. If you are unable to attend the event in 2008, or if you can't wait that long you have other opportunities to attend the Tall Ships in various locations.

Would you like to plan a sailing vacation? You may want to consider planning an entire sailing vacation around the dates for a Tall Ships event in a location of your choice!

If you have youngsters, they would probably love to dress up as pirates. Their imaginations will run wild as they tour the ships! Our day at Tall Ships of Tacoma was an eventful one and will always be remembered. To view additional photos from our adventure at Tall Ships you may wish to read about our adventure as we took the Tour the Tall Ships.

As you look at the photos below you will notice a man in a blue coat as the center of attention. That fellow is my father, George Fosberg and a sailor from WWII. He was the star of the show for me that day! Knowing his love for the sea we were certain he would enjoy the Tall Ships, and I'm ever so grateful for the time he served on the seas to fight for our freedom during the war.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to explore some of the fun things we did that day, and I fully encourage you to attend a Tall Ships event in the future! Be sure to scroll down to see more photos I took while at the Tall Ships Festival.

Pictures of the Tall Ships just don't capture the true beauty of the ships. Touring the Tall Ships is what you really have to do to truly appreciate how awesome they are!

Whatever the cost to attend a nearby Tall Ships Festival, I highly encourage anyone to make the effort to go. Other than having to work your way through the crowds, you would not be disappointed!

Each tall ship has a personality of it's own, and it's also interesting to meet the ships crew, but to strike up a conversation, unless you're bilingual you may want to take an electronic translation device - lol.

Even if the weather isn't warm and sunny, it's worth every minute to have the opportunity to tour such works of craftsmanship. It's a great adventure for anyone of any age!

Several Crew Members with My Father

Aboard the Pallada

The Cuauhtemoc


 Bon Voyage!