Pirate Buddy on Demand

Sailing on down the road in your vehicle you glance over to a passing car. There you see a character lightly bouncing in the passenger seat dressed up like a pirate. You may not realize the character is actually a dummy called, "Buddy on Demand" and that the dummy (less the pirate attire), was purchased for security reasons!

Woman who fear driving alone may want a Buddy on Demand to keep the road pirates away. With an easy flick of a switch, she'll be joined by a blow-up male passenger, which inflates instantly beside her, and is preferably dressed as a pirate, of course! Buddy on Demand is the innovation from a women's Internet site called Sheilas' Wheels. What will they think of next?

Although a woman might want to get a Buddy on Demand, she should be aware that the dummy's ego is extremely over-inflated. I wonder if she'll be waving a pirate flag from her antenna? Arrr!