Talk Like a Pirate Day - The Five A's

Aye! Shiver me timbers. Soon me hearties summer will be coming to a close and Pirate season will be winding down a bit. Before fall sets in "Talk Like a Pirate" day will soon arrive on September 19th. Hurry! Ye have only a few days to brush up on your skulls skills! Tune in for this first tall sails adventure talk like a pirate video.

For some, pirate talk comes natural, and for others it becomes second nature. Then there are those who would have to practice for some time before they catch on. Now matey, don't hang your jib bucko, practice will help you improve, and ye won't need to fear walking the plank. Perhaps if you swallow a clap of thunder you will loosen up ye old vocal chords a bit to become savvy. But, not too much me friend as you don't want to become three sheets to the wind.

If ye don't feel ye do very well with your pirate talk then practice on your dog. At least your dog won't run away if your pirate accent or lingo is bad. Maybe your dog will howl along with your pirate talk.

While researching "Talk Like a Pirate" day I came across a video. It's a good example of how practice will help to perfect your technique. With a few basic lessons from these pirates you'll quickly learn the technique. Todays lesson teaches the foundation of pirate talk, which is the five "A's." Tune into the video below to learn the basics. The Pirate Guys, Ol' Chumbucket and Captain Slappy will teach ye lubbers the basics to talk like a pirate.