Sailing Tool Tip - Flashlights

Every sport or recreational activity calls for the right tools, or “toys” if you prefer! The need for the right tools and equipment is especially important when you are subjected to the elements and weather while sailing. In a sport such as sailing having the right tool or equipment could mean the difference between life, or death. Without the proper equipment you potentially will leave yourself, or your passengers aboard your sailing vessel, exposed to potential danger. As a boat owner your liability also becomes greater with the life of others in your hands.

With that being said, here is our sailing tool tip for this week! Every sailor needs to have the right emergency lights at hand. Not planning on sailing at night? That’s a wise decision to only sail during the day however, as you know things beyond our control happen every day, and especially in an environment such as high seas. One never knows when things will not go as planned and you may just find yourself out there at night, and if you are not armed with the right equipment you may not ever make it home.

It’s easy to take something as simple as a flashlight for granted, but it could end up being the tool that saves your life! You therefore don’t want to risk relying on a cheap one, and it should also be a high quality waterproof design. For sailing you could even take the advice from a pelican! Now we aren’t talking birds here, but I’m referring to the Pelican brand.

Pelican is one great choice because you have many styles of waterproof flashlights to choose from along with waterproof storage cases to protect your investment from the salt or fresh water damage. Firefighters, police officers and hunters alike are familiar with Pelican and rely on their quality.

With Pelican you can select a flashlight that is right for you in size and style. You will of course want to choose more than one unit as an added safety measure. One can never have enough flashlights while out sailing in the high seas. You can choose from xenon, led, halogen or others, and some have an 8-hour battery life, which is essential out at sea. One other style of flashlight you may want to consider is the HeadsUp style. It’s really a must for when you need both hands free for big tasks, and they make a great gift too! Happy sailing!